Working Lives Group Membership

Membership of the Departmental Working Lives Group ensures representation from all key staff groups within the Department of Cardiovascular Sciences, and ensures that there is an appropriate gender balance to this membership. The minimum term of membership is two years, renewable for a maximum of four years (except student representation, where term of membership is for three years).

Current Members:

Glenn Rodrigo WLG MemberGlenn Rodrigo
Based at: GGH, CSW

Committee Memberships
Dept Working Lives Group (Chair)
Dept Athena SWAN SAT (Gender Equality Lead)
Dept Intercalated BSc Committee
CRF management board (CVS representative)
College imaging committee (CVS representative)
College Gender Equality Committee (CVS GEL)
Interesting Fact: Did my BSc and PhD at Leicester prior to becoming an itinerant travelling academic, including 7 years in New Zealand.
Hobbies: Newly acquired granddaughter (cutie) and Labrador retriever (crazy). Newly found Italy “cheers”

Tim Coats - Working Lives Group MemberTim Coats
Based at: LRI, Emergency Department

Committee Memberships:
Dept Working Lives Group
Dept Athena SWAN (Chair)
Interesting Fact: Secretly wish I had been an archaeologist (Time Team addict).
Hobbies: Creating a nature reserve of wildflower meadows and woodland

Gina Barnett - Working Lives Group MemberGina Barnett
Based at:

Committee Memberships:
Dept Working Lives Group
Dept Athena SWAN SAT
Dept Social Committee
Interesting Fact: I learnt to ride a bicycle at the age of 39! One of the best things I’ve done.
Hobbies: I enjoy pottering round my garden, playing board games, and going to Lindy Hop swing dance lessons.

John McDonald - Working Lives Group MemberJohn McDonald
Based at: LRI, RKCSB

Committee Membership:
Dept Working Lives Group (Member)
College Sub-Committee for Research Ethics
Interesting Fact: I have a Lightsaber in my office
Hobbies: I enjoy running and like jumping on the bed with my daughter

Audrey Larrive - Working Lives GroupAudrey Larrivé 
Based at:

Committee Memberships:
Dept Working Lives Group (Member)
CVS Research Committee
Interesting Fact: I’ve met Dr Derek Shepherd, aka McDreamy (Grey’s Anatomy) on several occasions round European racetracks.
Hobbies: Motorsports Racing (24hrs of Le Mans in particular), Rugby (attendance only!), Socialising, Travelling, Skiing, Reading, Hill Walking with friends and my gorgeous Cocker Spaniel.

Laki Liyanage - Working Lives Group MemberLaki Liyanage
Based at: LRI, RKCSB

Committee Membership:
Dept Working Lives Group (Member)
Interesting Fact: I always have a variety of snacks at my desk, though I probably shouldn’t advertise it too much…
Hobbies: Aforementioned snacking, listening to too much music, dance, and other non-science hobbies.

Gavin Whyman -Working Lives Group MemberGavin Whyman
Based at: GGH mostly, but tend to wander around

Committee membership: Many. Not the social committee but possibly most of the others.
Hobbies: Photography and beer (which often produce the best results when combined)
Interesting Fact: According to Untappd as of 24th Jan 2018 I have had 1,422 unique and mostly interesting beers. While the First Friday Socials aren’t designed exclusively to get me to the next ‘badge’ at 2,500 check ins it was a major consideration.

Hash PatelHash Patel
Based at: GGH CSW

Committee Memberships:
Dept Working Lives Group
Social Committee
Interesting Fact: still waiting for grandchildren so got a dog instead
Hobbies: Reading and walking.

Gavin MorrisGavin Morris
Based at: CVRC

Committee Memberships:
Dept Working Lives Group
Interesting Fact: I have been to all of the new seven wonders of the world
Hobbies: Pre-children: Travelling, reading, fitness, cinema, DJ-ing, socialising. Post-children: Alcohol

Emma Chung Working Lives Group MemberEmma Chung
Based at: RKCSB
Committee Memberships:
Medicine and Biological Sciences Research Ethics Committee (Departmental Ethics Officer), Research Strategy (member), Athena-SWAN SAT (member), Cerebral Haemodynamics in Aging and Stroke Medicine Group (member), CVS Imaging theme (member), University and Colleges Union (Departmental Rep.)… plus various UHL Trust committees and external societies.
Interesting Fact: Banging your head against a wall burns 150 calories per hour.
Hobbies: I try to delude myself that I get to do my hobby for a living! Other ‘hobbies’ include the usual stuff of everyday life - exploring the world with my 2 year old daughter, ‘making stuff’, and generally ‘doing nothing’. I like a real fire, coffee, sleeping, sunshine, and taking long baths!

Caroline Gardiner-Hill Working Lives Group MemberCaroline Gardiner-Hill
Based at:

Committee memberships: Dept. Working Lives Group
Interesting fact: I make a rather good pink elderflower gin!
Hobbies: sea swimming, tennis, field sports, sailing, bridge and fundraising for the RNLI.

Douglas Miller Working Lives Group Member

Doug Miller
Based at: GGH

Committee Memberships:
Working Lives Group
Interesting fact: 90% pizza, 10% Irn Bru
Hobbies: Running, skiing, surgery

David McVey Working Lives Group MemberDavid McVey
Based at:

Committee memberships:
Dept Working Lives Group
Interesting fact: I was once chased by an angry iguana in the Caribbean – an onlooker was laughing so hard he almost fell into a pond!
Hobbies: Reading, listening to music, gaming, baking the occasional cake and dabbling in 3D printing

Muhammed Abdelaziz Working Lives Group MemberMuhammad Abdelaziz
Based at:

Committee Membership:
Dept Working Lives Committee
Interesting facts: I hate snakes that I once thought I was OPHIDIOPHOBIC! (Ophidiophobia is the abnormal fear of snakes)
Hobbies: Reading, TV, household tinkering, gardening & sports

Angatu Yousuf Working Lives Group MemberAngatu Yousuf
Based at:
GGH (but currently based at LRI)

Committee Memberships: Dept Working Lives Group
Interesting Fact: I think, count, and dream in three separate languages.
Hobbies: Travelling, dancing, eating cake.

Sue Page

Sue Page
Based at: GGH

Committee Membership: Dept Working Lives Group (Secretary)
Interesting fact: I’ve met Guy Martin!
Hobbies: walking, cycling and anything to do with motorsport or aviation.


Interested in becoming a member?

Your Working Lives Group seeks interest from new members annually.  For self-nomination please use the membership application form and submit this to Glenn Rodrigo (as Chair of the Working Lives Group) to allow nominations to be reviewed by the group at our next meeting.  (Membership numbers are restricted to a maximum of 20, ensuring a balance of gender, staff group and seniority of position/tenure.

If you wish to know more about what is involved before submitting your application, please contact one of the members above who would be more than happy to have an informal conversation with you.

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