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Frequently Asked Questions

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Shower facilities in the RKCSB
This was raised at the Away Day

Shower facilities for the RKCSB have been investigated. This has been an ongoing issue for some time but to-date a suitable space within this building has not be identified. (Old shower facilities on level 6 are no longer accessible for security reasons). However, there are a number of buildings in and around the main campus including the Henry Welcome and Hodgkin Building that can be used: shower facilities
Café Cardiologique
Can the heating be improved.

Following several requests, adjustments have now been made to the Building Management System that should improve the temperature in the Café Cardiologique. The Department is monitoring this and the Working Lives Group are also looking at other ways of improving the comfort and atmosphere of this social space.

Software installation
Is there a method for software to be installed remotely on a work computer?

All requests of this sort need to be logged in the normal way through ITHelp and Support.  If they need more details about the software they will then contact the enquirer directly.

Washing up liquid
Can washing up liquid be providedfor communal kitchen areas?

The University does not allow funding for such items. Groups local to particular coffee areas should club together to buy this.

LRI/RKB Time Out Space
A request has been made for 'time out' space

The coffee/meeting room is a designated area and is not bookable for meetings between 12.00 - 2.00 pm
Car Parking
The issue of car parking has been raised again
There is pay and display parking available for all at the hospital sites and the free Hospital Hopper Service.

Working Lives Group Newsletter
How often will this be produced?

This will be published 3 times a year
Is there any way of improving transport facilities?
No, we are not in control of NHS car parking or the Hospital Hopper Bus Service.
Away Day Feedback We have received a lot of helpful feedback and will be working to respond to these over the coming months.
Permission to use photographs of individual staff
Would it be possible to include a declaration on the induction pack to say individuals authorise/ do not authorise their picture to be taken and used for departmental blogs or webpages?
On occasions where staff and students give presentations or are taking part in departmental or other events as part of their core role, there is an expectation that photographs may be taken and used to illustrate or promote the University’s work. Where photographs are taken of departmental away days, social activities or similar events, information will be available in advance and staff and students will be informed of who to notify if they don’t want to be included in photographs.
"One off" Parking
Is there any way to have a system for "one off" parking for occasional personal/carers duties?  The current 2 permits does not always work.

One-off parking for any reason, for staff without permits and for students, is available at the hospital sites in public pay-and-display car parks. Staff may be eligible to apply for flexi-permits (scratch-cards) for occasional parking, which entitles you to park at a designated car park on the main university site..

Car Parking and Travel
Can we look into the issue of limited car parking permits at GGH causing stress to some members of staff and students who are either having to Pay & Display £6 - £10 per day, or to park in residential areas and being subject to verbal abuse on a daily basis.
We have looked into this and learned that staff and students can apply for one of the NHS spaces through the hospital car parking office (referenced at the bottom of this linked page) and there has been success with application since this was raised. Further issues around car parking and travel will be discussed at the next WLG meeting.
Request to view Working Lives minutes of meetings Agreed. Please view Working Lives Minutes (internal log-in access only)
Core Meeting Hours
A question from the Working Lives Committee

We would be interested in your feedback about the new core meeting hours of 10.00-4.00pm.
- Are meetings now being timetabled to take place between these hours?
- Are these meetings finishing on time (when scheduled to finish at 4.00pm)?
- What are your views on this subject?
- Are these hours working better for you?

Please give feedback on the Feedback and Comments form (also available on the top right hand side of the Working Lives web pages).

How can the costs of maternity leave and cover be met for posts funded by research grants? The University has raised this issue with Research Councils UK. All funding councils allow for an extension to take account of staff who have gone on maternity leave and the extension period for maternity leave has recently been increased to 12 months which matches the longest typical maternity leave that is taken. For funding council grants the costs of maternity leave/cover do not have to come out of the grant and can be claimed back from the funding council at the end of the grant. For non-funding council grants, the College has set aside funds to support the costs of maternity leave, although this may not be able to support all requests.
Are facilities available for breast feeding and expressing milk at work

Designated areas have been investigated and rooms are available at the following locations: University main site: room 103A, first floor, Attenborough Seminar Block.
The NHS have agreed we can use the following:
Breast feeding room off from the Balmoral entrance, Leicester Royal Infirmary
Breast feeding room in the out-patients area Leicester General Hospital
Breast feeding room in the out-patients area Glenfield General Hospital
Fridge sites for storage: Advice to follow as to where expressed milk can be stored.

Is more frequent IT support at Glenfield possible, and particularly administrator account support for the installation of software?

The admin account is only available for members of the College IT professional team. Some software installatons can be done remotely, but not all. Multiple visits at the Glenfield can be arranged if and when required by contacting Jitin Laladhar with details of upcoming projects and work in a timely manner.

How is the University's guidance on indeterminate hours applied within the Department?

This was clarified in Professor Samani's monthly news circular (14th Jan 2014)."Indeterminate hours applies to all members of staff at grade 6 and above. Members of the department at those grades should be assured that we fully support both the mutual flexibility and the need for reasonableness implicit in the concept of indeterminate hours".

Is there anything we can do to improve the car parking situation?

The Department and Estates have looked into this but unfortunately there is nothing we can do to resolve this issue.

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