Away Day (May 2016) Feedback

Away Day FeedbackThank you for all the comments and suggestions.

Over several meetings we have discussed all the points raised and grouped these below:

Away Day Talks

Many people commented that they liked the format of the 5 minute talks and that it was an excellent way of informing colleagues of the research taking place within the department.  We therefore agreed to incorporate something similar for May 2017.

New Starters / Induction

There is now a comprehensive induction pack that all new starters receive prior to joining the department. An individual’s line manager is responsible for assigning a buddy and a mentoring scheme is available.

Sport / Exercise

A number of issues were raised regarding the exercise / sports facilities available. There is now a walking group and running group based at Glenfield and anyone who wishes to join in should see the departmental newsletter for further information. Showering facilities are also available at Glenfield and on main campus for the RKCSB / HWB staff.


We are very fortunate to have a free Hopper bus that visits all the sites and paid car parking facilities locally. Free car parking is not feasible as the car parks at the NHS sites are not organised by us and this will not change.

Working Lives Group (WLG)


It was suggested that the membership be expanded to include other staff groups with an interest in Cardiovascular Sciences (CVS), such as the Biomedical Research Unit (BRU) and research nurses. A recent call went out for new members and we now have representatives from the BRU.  More clinical staff would also be welcome.

Meetings and Scope of WLG

A few comments were made about what we actually do and how staff and students can find out. Please see our meeting summaries, which include proposed agendas, and our Terms of Reference for detailed information.


We were asked to provide feedback to the department. This is also available on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section and now also available via our newsletters.

Site related comments

Robert Kilpatrick Clinical Sciences Building (RKCSB)

A time-out space and showers were all mentioned. The coffee room is now available for ‘time-out’, meetings and lunch. Showers are currently being investigated.

Glenfield General Hospital (GGH) / Cardiovascular Research Centre (CRC)

Café Cardiologique at the CRC has been mentioned many times, especially the heating. The good news is that this has now been fixed and we had a very pleasant meeting and ‘lunch with...’ session there recently.

Improvements were requested for the Clinical Sciences Wing (CSW) lecture theatre and the IT equipment will be updated shortly. Unfortunately, there is no budget to update the lecture theatre’s décor but this will be revisited at a later date.


Facilities are available in the Robert Kilpatrick Clinical Sciences Building (RKCSB).  At Glenfield there are some recycling facilities near the eating area. This issue is ongoing and will be revisited in future.  It is dependent on funding.

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Away Day Feedback

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