kidney care appealNephrology research in Leicester is carried out by a team of clinical and non-clinical academics from both University and NHS backgrounds.

Topics of interest encompass laboratory, clinical and epidemiological studies in kidney disease. The renal labs have a strong track record of research into the cell biology of proteinuric renal disease, tubular injury, IgA nephropathy, diabetic nephropathy and the mechanisms of progressive renal injury. Urinary proteomics and advanced urinary diagnostics are a major new focus. A large programme of research in primary care examines the effects of education on blood pressure control, and disease management programmes on progression and outcomes in chronic kidney disease. These studies are partly supported through CLAHRC-LNR

Nephrology Group

For more information on specific research interests click on the links:

Professor Nigel Brunskill Mechanisms of progressive renal disease and diabetic nephropathy. Study of novel biomarkers of cardiovascular disease in uraemia. Urinary protoemic and diagnostics. Clinical studies into renal disease and its complications in pregnancy.

Dr  Kevin Harris Pathogeneisis of glomerulosclerosis in progressive renal failure.

Dr Jonathan Barratt Immunopathogenesis of IgA nephropathy. Urine proteomics and novel biomarker discovery in renal and non-renal disease.

Dr Peter Topham Pathogenesis of proteinuria.

Dr Alan Bevington The metabolic basis of catabolic states, in particular the stimulation of protein wasting in skeletal muscle in response to metabolic acidosis.

Dr James Burton Cardiovascular diseases and risk in patients with chronic kidney disease.

Professor Alice Smith Lifestyle management in chronic kidney disease; impact of lifestyle interventions on muscle health, inflammation and immune function; patient perspectives and experience; patient involvement and engagement in research.

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