Refining evaluation methodologies for interventions that change practice: A model to assess the effectiveness of an e-Learning tool.


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Summary for the non-Expert: 

There are clearly defined methods to assess the patient benefit of medications or procedures used by Doctors. However technologies used on, and by, doctors to change their practice are often poorly assessed. Examples include e-learning packages which help doctors to follow guidelines. Ensuring the effectiveness of these ‘practice changing interventions’ is important as research suggests doctors do not always conform to national standards leading to potentially poor care being given to patients.


This study will examine a variety of methods to assess the effectiveness of an online learning module to aid junior doctors managing young children with a fever. The aim is to define which methods provide the most useful information in deciding whether the online learning module has been useful and how best to improve the module in the future. The principles learnt in this work can then be subsequently applied to other medical specialties and health care professionals.


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