Clinical Interventions in Emergency Care

A description of the clinical research in which EMAG is taking part.

The Leicester Emergency Medicine Academic Group is taking part in a number of clinical trials. These each have their own website as below. Staff in the Emergency Department are expected to undertake training in good clinical practice (GCP). As consent in emergency situations cannot usually be obtained it is very important that clinicians are familiar with the procedures to use - EMAG has assisted in the production of guidance for emergency care researchers, which can be found on the websites of the National Research Ethics Service and the College of Emergency Medicine.

Current Clinical Trials

PROMISE - This trial of treatment in severe sepsis started in Leicester in November 2011.

3Mg Trial - Leicester is the lead site for the Midlands group (including Kettering and Mid Staffordshire).

DAVROS - Data from the Leicester emergency admissions is part of this project.

AHEAD - Clinical study of head injury prognosis in elderly patients treated with warfarin.

Recently Completed Clinical Trials

CRASH2 - this trial led from original research by Prof Coats, who was clinical lead, a member of the Trial Steering Group, a member of the Trial Management Group and a member of the trial writing group. The trial results were published in the Lancet in June 2010. The results of the trial are currently being implemented.

RATPAC - Leicester was a contributing site to this trial, with Prof Coats as a member of the Trial Steering Group. The results were published in Heart in October 2010.

MAGNETIC - This study has recently finished data collection in Leicester.

Future Clinical Trials

OPTIMISE - Prof Coats chairs the Trial Steering Committee for this trial of fluid optimisation in peri-operative care using non-invasive monitoring.

Other Clinical Academic Activity


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