EMAG Publications during 2012

Quality Improvement through Clinical Communities: Eight Lessons for Practice
Aveling E, Martin GP, Armstrong N, Banerjee J, Dixon-Woods M
Journal of Health Organization and Management, 2012, 26; (2).  Link

Recent massive blood transfusion practice in England and Wales: view from a trauma registry.
Fuller G, Bouamra O, Woodford M, Jenks T, Stanworth S, Allard S, Coats TJ, Brohi K, Lecky F.
Emerg Med J. 2012 Feb;29(2):118-23. Link

Potentially avoidable emergency department attendance: interview study of patients' reasons for attendance
Agarwal S, Banerjee J, Baker R, Conroy S, Hsu R, Rashid A, Camosso-Stefinovic J, Sinfield P, Habiba M
Emerg Med J doi:10.1136/emermed-2011-200585 (online first publication). Link 

Ethical and practical issues in trauma care research. Coats TJ. BJS. Volume 99, Issue S1, pages 6–7, January 2012

Interhospital variation in the RATPAC Trial (Randomised Assessment of Treatment using Panel Assay of Cardiac markers). Bradburn M, Goodacre SW, Fitzgerald P, Coats T, Gray A, Hassan T, Humphrey J, Kendall J, Smith J, Collinson P, On behalf of the RATPAC Research Team. Emerg Med J 2012;29:233-238

Derivation and validation of a risk adjustment model for predicting seven day mortality in emergency medical admissions: mixed prospective and retrospective cohort study. Goodacre S, Wilson R, Shephard N, Nicholl J, on behalf of the DAVROS Research Team. BMJ 2012;344:e2904

A primer for clinical researchers in the emergency department: Part IV: Multicentre research. Oakley E, McD Taylor D, Coats T, Davidson A, Fry A, Babl FE. Emerg Med Australas. 2012 Oct;24(5):482-91

Recruiting to 'time and target' in emergency care research. Coats TJ. Emerg Med J. 2012 Nov 26. [Epub ahead of print]

Effect of tranexamic acid on mortality in patients with traumatic bleeding: prespecified analysis of data from randomised controlled trial. Roberts I, Perel P, Prieto-Merino D, Shakur H, Coats T, Hunt BJ, Lecky F, Brohi K, Willett K; CRASH-2 Collaborators. BMJ. 2012 Sep 11; 345

The effect of prehospital time related variables on mortality following severe thoracic trauma. Kidher E, Charitou A, Athanasiou T, Krasopoulos G, Coats T, Magee P, Uppal R. Injury 43(9):1386-1392 Sep 2012

Epidemiology of in-hospital trauma deaths. Lefering R, Paffrath T, Bouamra O, Coats TJ, Woodford M, Jenks T, Wafaisade A, Nienaber U, Lecky F. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF TRAUMA AND EMERGENCY SURGERY 38(1):3-9 01 Feb 2012

Recruiting to 'time and target' in emergency care research. Coats TJ. Emerg Med J 26 Nov 2012

Towards a conceptual framework demonstrating the effectiveness of audiovisual patient descriptions (patient video cases): a review of the current literature. Roland D, Coats T and Matheson D. BMC Medical Education.2012, 12:125.

A Healthy Nation: Strengthening child health research in the UK. Modi N, Clark H, Woolfe I, Costello A, Budge H (on behalf of writing group of the RCPCH commission on child health research)  The Lancet 21 Nov 2012 (member of writing group).

Paediatric early warning scores: Holy Grail and Achilles' heel. Roland D.  Arch Dis Child Educ Pract Ed 2012;97:208-215

Engaging with leadership learning in the workplace. Roland D, Warren O and Klaber R.  The Lancet 2012;380(9841) 563

New theory from an old technique: the Rolma matrices. Roland D and Matheson D.  Clinical Teacher 2012; 9(3): 143-147 [Full article]

Engaging paediatricians in planning the training of our future workforce. Klaber B and Roland D. Arch Dis Child 2012;97:6 517-520

Management of Oesophageal Coins in Children. Nafousi O, Pertwee R, Roland D and Acheson JEmergency Medicine Journal 2012 doi:10.1136

Are early warning scores too early for paramedic practice? Roland D and Jahn HJournal of Paramedic Practice 2012; 4(1):16-21

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