PEMLA Innovation in Clinical Care

PEMLA is involved in developing / implementing a number of innovations in clinical care:

Spotting the Sick Child

Funded by the Department of Health, the website - - is aimed at all front line professionals in the field of child health and teaches the basic facts and relevant examination of the seven commonest presenting complaints in acutely ill children. The website, which contains video clips of acutely unwell children, was awarded a National Patient Safety Award in 2011. It currently has over 13000 users.

Splints for buckle fractures

The evidence is clearly in favour of simple buckle fractures being managed in splints, rather than Plaster of Paris, without the need for follow up. Parental satisfaction is good with this approach and PEMLA will be able to ascertain which groups may be high risk through the development of a clear standar operating protocol for its use.

Intranasal diamorphine

We were one of the first groups to use this technique in the UK and have been leaders in making it a standard method of delivery of analgesia fro children in severe pain.

Ketamine sedation

The best method for sedation for painful or distressing procedures in children is a topic of debate. PEMLA is implementing the use of ketamine.


This innovative method of assessing the acutely unwell child has been developed in Leicester, and is now at the second stage of validation  

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