PEMLA Implementation

PEMLA is involved in the following implementation projects:

NICE Feverish Illness in Children Guideline

Dr. Roland's work as a NICE scholar aims to improve the implementation of the NICE Fever guidelines into practice. Induction is a vital process every junior doctor undertakes to familiaris themselves with their new environment. There is little published evidence on using this as an opportunity to promote evidence based medicine both as a concept and in practice. Currently two cohorts of Junior Doctors working in the Emergency Department at the Leciester Royal Infirmary have had their adherence to the Feverish illness in children guideline assessed. There is evidence that a very simple themed induction programme can improve safety net advice given to parents and documentation of key "traffic light" signs and symptoms. This work will be presented at the NICE annual conference in 2011.

UTI Audit

Dr. Acheson is leading on producing a Urinary Tract Infection follow up pathway which reduces the need for unecessary follow up appointments yet quickly identifies those children in whom the evidence base suggests further investigation is need.

Head Injury

PEMLA presented a poster at the CEM annual meeting highlighting the importance of being able to provide a period of observation in balancing the NICE Head Injury CT guidance and unnecessary radiation exposure for children.

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