Research Grants (2015-2017)

Selected Research Grants in 2017

Professor P Baker, Dr R Barber (Molecular and Cell Biology), Dr A Gaw (Cancer Studies)
Developing translational science capabilities to support the delivery of precision medicine at the University of Leicester
£560,000 MRC of which 10% reported to CVS)

Professor A Gershlick, Professor G McCann, Dr G Barton (University of East Anglia)
RAPID NSTEMI – Revascularisation in ACS patients: Immediate versus delayed intervention. A study assessing the impact of very early intervention on outcomes in NSTEMI-ACS patients.
£1,573,061 British Heart Foundation

Professor GA Ng
Supplement – Clinical Research Fellow in Cardiac Electrophysiology and Heart Failure
£94,000 Boston Scientific

Professor T Suzuki
Comparative analysis of heart failure biomarkers between Japanese and Europeans.
£240,883 Japan Heart Foundation

Selected Research Grants in 2016

Funding for the Leicester Cardiovascular Genomics Group
£573,768 British Heart Foundation

Professor T Suzuki
Cardiovascular biomarker development and implementation. Collaboration agreement.
£46,200 Sekisui Medical Co Ltd

Professor S Ye, Professor J Thompson, Dr T Webb
A comprehensive study to uncover and understand genetic influences on vascular smooth muscle cell behaviour in relation to cardiovascular diseases.
£679,644 British Heart Foundation

Professor M Bown
Female aneurysm screening study (FAST) - Ultrasound scanners
£38,000 NHS England via UHL NHS Trust

Professor T Suzuki
Supplement - Collaboration on cardiovascular translational research (with focus on inflammatory biomarkers)
£59,000 Jichi Medical University

Professor M Bown, Mr T Saratzis and Professor M Tobin (Health Sciences)
FAST: Female aneurysm screening study
£53,558 NIHR via UHL NHS Trust

Professor T Gershlick and Professor S Egginton (Leeds)
A project assessing the in-vivo properties of stent-eluting prolyl hydroxylase inhibitor FG-2216 on angiogenesis
£6,589 British Heart Foundation (Supplement)

Professor D Lambert
Equipment grant: Luminescence equipment for anaesthesia pain research.
£24,805 National Institute for Academic Anaesthesia

Professor TG Robinson
Senior Investigator Award
£45,000 NIHR

Professor TG Robinson
Stroke National speciality Lead
£46,490 NIHR

Dr G Gulsin
Prevalence and determinants of subclinical cardiovascular dysfunction in adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus 
£275,156 British Heart Foundation

Professor T Suzuki
Collaboration with Jichi Medical University
£50,000 Jichi Medical University

Professor AH Gershlick, Mr K Mouniemne (Protomed SA Mareilles)
Supplement – Studies in the development of a novel side-branch stent 
£121,093 MRC

Dr R Rainbow, Dr C Dart (University of Liverpool)
Understanding the mechanism of cardioprotection: The overlooked role of Kir6.1 in cardiac muscle
£139,539 British Heart Foundation

Dr D Adlam, Prof NJ Samani
Supplement – NIHR Biomedical Research Unit – Cardiovascular Disease
£199,687 NIHR

Professor S Ye, Dr T Webb, Prof N Samani
Functional study of CAD associated genetic variants at the furin locus
£182,022 British Heart Foundation

Professor GA Ng
Clinical Fellowship
£100,000 St Jude Medical

Professor TG Robinson, Professor P Bath (Nottingham)
Enhanced Control of Hypertension and Thrombolysis Stroke Study (STAY-ENCHANTED)
£120,612 Stroke Association

Professor N Brindle, Dr C Stover (Infection, Immunity and Inflammation), Professor J Schwabe (Molecular and Cell Biology)
An angiopoietin-2-specific ligand trap with potential to treat cardiovascular disease
£196,423 British Heart Foundation

Professor GA Ng, Dr S Siddiqui, Dr W Nicolson
Multicentre Investigation of Novel Electrocardiogram Risk markers in Ventricular Arrhythmia prediction – UK multicentre trialists collaboration (MINERVA)
£182,912 Heart Research UK

Selected Research Grants in 2015

Professor D Lambert, Dr J Willets (Department of Molecular and Cell Biology)
Biosensor based approach to measure release of Nociceptin/Orphanin FQ from live single immune cells and consequences for immune cell function
£338,432 BBSRC

Professor A Goodall
A sub-study of thrombotic effects in a Phase 1b trial of obinutuzumab and chloramphenicol in B-CLL patients
£116,884 F Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd

Dr D Adlam, Professor C Pritchard (Cancer Studies), Professor A Goodall, Dr M Kelly (Core Biotechnical Services
Ticagrelor mediated inhibition of circulating tumour cell platelet interactions
£226,737 Astra Zeneca

Dr D Adlam, Professor W Steward (Cancer Studies), Professor A Goodall
Investigating Ticagrelor for the prevention of tumour cell-induced platelet aggregation
£325,051 Astra Zeneca

Professor T Coats
A wireless, wearable automated early warning system for patients in emergency care.
£98,951 Technology Strategy Board

Professor N J Samani
BHF Personal Chair Award (Supplement)
£55,472 British Heart Foundation

Professor I Gottlob
Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) in Children
£351,633 The Ulverscroft Foundation

Dr G McCann
Novel Interventions to reverse Cardiovascular Dysfunction assessed by Magnetic Resonance Imaging
£920,400 NIHR Fellowship

Professor L Ng
A targeted and unbiased search for biomarkers of disease progression and adverse prognosis in asymptomatic moderate-severe aortic stenosis
£196,151 British Heart Foundation

Professor NJ Samani
Supplement – BHF Personal Chair Award
£368,634 British Heart Foundation

Professor A H Gershlick, Professor S Egginton (University of Leeds)
Project assessing the in-vivo properties of a prolyl-hydroxylase inhibitor FG2216- eluting strent on angiogenesis in an animal model
£145,372 British Heart Foundation

Dr A Patel
Can handheld ultra-high resolution spectral domain optical coherence tomography (HH SD-OCT) be used to predict visual function in premature infants?
£284,116.01 NIHR Fellowship

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