PhD Studentships - Example Projects

Self funding students or students seeking PhD opportunities are encouraged to view the example of projects offered below by supervisors in our department. If you are interested please contact the relevant supervisor for each project.



The Effect of Surgery on Central Aortic Pressure and Haemodynamics (ESCAPE) study 

Bown Mr MJ Sayers Prof RD
An investigation into unstable carotid atherosclerotic plaques 

Sayers Prof RD/ Naylor Prof AR

Bown Mr MJ
Engineering a novel angiogenic ligand for regenerative medicine purposes  Brindle Prof NPJ

London Prof NJM (MSCE*)

Protein engineering the angiopoietin receptor ectodomain   Brindle Prof NPJ

Lodwick Dr D

Readdressing Receptor Ligands  Brindle Prof NPJ

Herbert Dr KE

Mitochondrial Reactive Oxygen Species Signalling and Cardiovascular Disease Mechanisms 

Herbert Dr KE Goodall Prof AH
Modulation of vascular endothelial cell phenotype by the senescence secretome  Herbert Dr KE

Macip Dr S (Biochem)

Evaluating cellular and genetic factors regulating the haemostatic response in patients with cardiovascular disease and healthy controls 

Goodall Prof AH  Burton Dr J (III*)

Is platelet-derived microRNA a modifiable risk factor in patients with acute coronary syndrome? 

Goodall Prof AH Pringle Dr JH (CSMM*)

Is platelet-mediated gene expression in monocytes regulated by aspirin via the PPAR gamma pathway? 

Goodall Prof AH Schwabe Prof J (Biochem*)
The role f the sarcolemmal KATp channel in ischaemia Rainbow Dr R

Lodwick Dr D

Effects of hyperglycaemia and glucose-lowering therapies on cardiac function: in-vitro modelling of ischaemia and ischaemic preconditioning in isolated ventricular myocytes 

Rodrigo Dr GC Rainbow Dr R/ Squire Prof IB

Re-modelling of the b-adrenoreceptor pathway and diurnal variation in sudden cardiac death in ventricular heart failure: role of NOS signalling 

Rodrigo Dr GC Squire Prof IB

Remote ischaemic postconditioning of human myocardium during ischaemic disease 

Rodrigo Dr GC Samani Prof NJ

Does cardiac conditioning modify ventricular re-modelling following AMI 

Rodrigo Dr GC Samani Prof NJ

A mesenchymal stem cell-based approach for investigating cardiovascular disease-related genetic variants 

Samani Prof NJ Lodwick Dr D/
Webb Dr T

Generation of Isogenic Cell Lines, Using Genome Editing, to Investigate Genetic Variants Associated with Coronary Artery Disease

Samani Prof NJ Lodwick Dr D/
Webb Dr T

Functional analysis of novel genetic markers of coronary artery disease identified by genome-wide association studies 

Samani Prof NJ Tomaszewski Dr M
Genome editing induced pluripotent stem cells models of biological ageing  Webb Dr T

Samani Prof NJ/ Codd Dr V

The 14q32 CAD risk locus: functional analysis of HHIPL1  Webb Dr T

Stringer Dr E

Molecular mechanism of atrial fibrillation at the chromosome 4q25 locus 

Ellinor Dr P/
Milan Dr D

Samani Prof NJ

Pamp-induced inflammatory reactions in CDLR/Properdin deficient mice 

Erridge Dr C Stover Dr C (III*)

Autonomic modulation of ventricular arrhythmia is heart failure

Ng Prof GA Brack Dr KE

Improving understanding and treatment of AF via ablation: The frequency domain, objective measurements of fractionation and entropy 

Ng Prof GA Schlindwein Dr FS (Eng)

Signal processing of atrial electrograms of patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) 

Schlindwein Dr FS (Eng*) Ng Prof GA

Non-invasive transmural 3-dimensional mapping of atrial fibrillation for catheter ablation 

Schlindwein Dr FS (Eng*) Ng Prof GA

The Plasma Proteome and outcome in patients with heart failure 

Ng Prof LL Jones Dr DJL  (CSMM*)

The impact of ethnicity and High Density Lipoprotein proteome 

Ng Prof LL Jones Dr DJL (CSMM*)
Markers of Heart Failure 

Jones Dr DJL (CSMM*)

Ng Prof LL
Myocardial Perfusion reserve in Aortic Stenosis  McCann Dr GP

Horsfield Dr M

Identifying the vulnerable carotid plaque by dynamic ultrasound imaging and image texture analysis 

Horsfield Dr M Ramnarine Dr K/ Robinson Prof T

Navigation of emboli and wireless magnetic microvascular devices through the vasculature; a feasibility study  

Chung Dr E Horsfield Dr M
Emboli-induced brain injury following cardiac surgery  Chung Dr E

Horsfield Dr M

Effects of ischaemic stroke type and stroke hyperacute treatment on patient outcome 

Robinson Prof TG Panerai Prof R

Engagement of health care professionals with interventions that change practice: It's about the Heart – but also requires a little soul

Coats Prof TJ Matheson Dr D (Notts University)
Vascular Assessment using Hyper-spectral and Infra-red Imaging   Sims Prof M

Coats Prof TJ

Characterisation of Fentanyl Based Bivalent Opioids.  Lambert Prof DG

Rowbotham Prof DJ (HS*)

Intracellular signalling pathways between nociceptin (N/OFQ) and the NOP receptor in immune cells during sepsis  Thompson Dr JP

Lambert Prof DG/ Stover Dr C (III*)

Penalized regression for rare variant analysis in families 

Thompson Prof J (HS*)

Nelson Dr C

* Key (refers to the supervisor or co-supervisor working in another department as indicated below)

III = Infection, Immunity and Inflammation
HS = Health Sciences
CSMM = Cancer Studies and Molecular Medicine
Biochem = Biochemistry
Eng = Engineering
MSCE = Medical and Social Care Education

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