Professor Toru Suzuki

Professor Toru SuzukiProfessor of Cardiovascular Medicine, Associate Dean, University of Leicester
Director, Leicester Life Sciences Accelerator
Honorary Consultant Cardiologist, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust


Tel: +44 (0)116 204 4741


Address: Cardiovascular Research Centre, Glenfield Hospital, Leicester LE3 9QP.

Personal details



My research interests are centred on understanding the mechanistic basis of cardiovascular diseases with a special interest in translational aspects. Notably:

  • Gut microbiome and heart disease
  • Cardiovascular biomarkers/proteomics/phenomics  -- Leicester PI for the UK Consortium on MetAbolic Phenotyping (MAPUK)
  • Clinical/healthcare data science



Key publications

  • Israr MZ, Bernieh D, Salzano A, Cassambai S, Yazaki Y, Heaney LM, Jones DJ, Ng LL, Suzuki T. Association of gut-related metabolites with outcome in acute heart failure. Am Heart J. 2021;234:71-80.
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