Professor Thompson G Robinson BMedSci MD FRCP FESO AFHEA

Professor Thompson G Robinson

Personal details

  • Head of the Department of Cardiovascular Sciences
  • Professor of Stroke Medicine
  • +44 (0)116 204 4752


  • For University-related enquiries, please email Denise Ladkin (PA) on or call +44 (0)116 204 4758
  • For NHS enquiries, email Jennifer Kerry (PA) on or call +44 (0)116 252 3182
  • For NIHR Enquiries, email Janette Moore on or call +44 (0)116 252 5814


I undertook my medical training in Nottingham, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and Leicester, and am currently Head of the Department of Cardiovascular Sciences and Professor of Stroke Medicine at the University of Leicester, and also an Honorary Consultant Physician in Stroke Medicine for University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust. I was appointed an NIHR Senior Investigator in April 2016.

My other responsibilities include: Chair of the Membership Committee of the European Stroke Organisation, President of the British Association of Stroke Physicians, and National Specialty Lead for Stroke for the NIHR Clinical Research Network.

My research interests include clinical trials in acute stroke, particularly blood pressure and thrombolysis management, and studies of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular regulatory mechanisms.



  • Bachelor of Medical Sciences (University of Nottingham, 1985)
  • Bachelor of Medicine (University of Nottingham, 1987)
  • Bachelor of Surgery (University of Nottingham, 1987)
  • Membership (Royal College of Physicians, 1990)
  • Specialist Register: General Internal Medicine (General Medical Council, 1996)
  • Specialist Register: Geriatric Medicine (General Medical Council, 1996)
  • Doctor of Medicine (University of Leicester, 1998)
  • Fellowship (Royal College of Physicians of London, 2002)
  • Fellowship (European Stroke Organisation, 2012)
  • Associate Fellowship (Higher Education Academy, 2017)


Current Research

My main research focus is acute stroke blood pressure; investigating the pathophysiology of BP changes following stroke, changes in cerebrovascular autoregulation and the prognosis of these variables.  This has culminated in the leadership and/ or national co-ordination of acute stroke trials (CHHIPS, COSSACS, ENCHANTED BP, ENCHANTED Dose, INTERACT2) that have informed US, European and UK guidelines for the management of this common acute stroke management problem. In addition, my research is at the forefront of the development of non-invasive assessments of cerebral autoregulation, demonstrating impaired autoregulation in the acute stroke period, as well as refining methods of cerebral autoregulation assessment.


My current research funding as Principal or Co-Applicant:

1. British Heart Foundation 2019 (4 years, Co-applicant); Multicentre, prospective randomised open label, blinded-endpoint (PROBE) controlled trial of thrombolysis with low dose Tenecteplase (TNK-tPA) versus standard of care in the prevention of disability at 3 months in minor ischaemic stroke with proven acute symptomatic occlusion (TEMPO-2) (£488,647)

2. British Heart Foundation 2019 (5 years, Co-applicant); BHF Accelerator Award (£1,000,000)

3. British Heart Foundation 2018 (3 years, Principal Applicant); Tenecteplase in Wake-up Ischaemic Stroke Trial (TWIST) (£323,014)

4. Medical Research Council 2018 (2 years, Co-applicant); Driving innovation in precision medicine through translational life sciences research (£767,000)

5. Dunhill Medical Trust 2018 (3 years, Co-applicant); The cognition and flow study: The effects of brain training on brain blood flow (£297,289)

6. Canadian Institutes of Health Research 2018 (5 years, Co-applicant); TEMPO-2 – A randomised controlled trial of TNK-tPA versus standard of care for minor ischemic stroke with proven occlusion. (CAN$1,992,825)

7. Stroke Association 2018 (2 years, Co-applicant); Early versus late initiation of direct oral anticoagulants in post-ischaemic stroke patients with atrial fibrillation (£133,953)

8. Dunhill Medical Trust 2017 (3 years, Co-applicant); Feasibility of improving cerebral autoregulation in intracerebral haemorrhage (£211,471)

9. Stroke Association/ British Heart Foundation/ Alzheimer’s Society 2017 (5 years, Co-applicant); Rates, Risks and Routes to Reduce Vascular Dementia (R4VaD) (£1,179,476)

10. NIHR Health Services and Delivery Research 2017 (3 years, Co-applicant); What is the impact of large scale delivery of stroke Early Supported Discharge? (£618,549)

11. British Heart Foundation 2016 (5 years, Principal Applicant); Leicester Cardiovascular Genomics Group (£573,768)

12. NIHR Clinical Research Network 2015 (5 years, Principal Applicant); National Specialty Lead for Stroke (£100,000)

13. Stroke Association 2015 (4 years, Co-applicant); Prevention Of Hypertensive Injury to the Brain by Intensive Treatment after IntraCerebral Haemorrhage: a pilot randomised trial of home telemetry-guided treatment (PROHIBIT-ICH) (£448,144)

14. Australian National Health and Medical Research Council 2015 (5 years, Co-applicant); Triple therapy prevention of Recurrent Intracerebral Disease EveNts Trial (TRIDENT) (AU$5,311,291)

15. British Heart Foundation/ Stroke Association Programme Grant 2012 (7 years, Principal Applicant); Blood Pressure Variability – Definition, Natural History, Prognosis and Treatment Following Acute Stroke (£878,190)

16. NIHR Programme Grant 2012 (7 years, Co-Applicant): Bridging the age gap in breast cancer.  Improving outcomes for older women  (£1,705,273)


Awards and Nominations

NIHR Senior Investigator (2016)


Current External Roles

  • Associate Non-Executive Director, Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust (2019 to date)
  • President, British Association of Stroke Physicians (2018 to date)
  • Senior Investigator, National Institute for Health Research (2016 to 2019)
  • External Advisor (Geriatric Medicine), National Audit of Breast Cancer in Older Persons, Royal College of Surgeons of England (2016 to date)
  • National Specialty Lead for Stroke, NIHR Clinical Research Network (2015 to date)
  • Trustee, Stroke Association (2014 to date)


Editorial Board and Reviewer Experience

  • Supplements Editor, Age and Ageing (2003 to 2016)
  • Associate Editor (Stroke and Neurology), Age and Ageing (2003 to 2016)
  • Journal reviewer, including Lancet, Lancet Neurology, Neurology, Circulation, Hypertension, Stroke.
  • Grant reviewer, including network review panel member in Canada (Institute of Circulatory and Respiratory Health, 2019), France (Agence Nationale de la Recherche, 2018) and the USA (National Institute of Health, 2015 and 2018).


Periodic Reviewer and External Examiner Experience

  • University of Birmingham (Doctor of Medicine Thesis)
  • University of Edinburgh (Doctor of Medicine Thesis)
  • University of Leeds (Doctor of Philosophy Thesis)
  • University of London (Doctor of Medicine Theses & Doctor of Philosophy Theses)
  • University of Nottingham (Doctor of Science, Doctor of Medicine & Doctor of Philosophy Theses)
  • University of Oxford (Doctor of Philosophy Thesis)
  • University of Sheffield (Doctor of Philosophy Thesis)
  • University of East Anglia (External Examiner, Year 3 Modules, 2011 to 2016)
  • University of Leeds (Doctor of Philosophy Thesis)
  • University of Leicester:
    • Doctor of Medicine Theses
    • Doctor of Philosophy Theses
    • Master of Science Thesis
    • Bachelor of Science Theses
    • Leicester Medical School (Clinical Examiner)


Research Supervision

I have supervised eleven higher degree research students to completion (PhD 3, MD 8), and am supervising the following current projects:

  • Doctor of Medicine: Maternal haemodynamic changes during pregnancy among pregnant women on metformin.
  • Doctor of Philosophy: Assessment of cerebral autoregulation and cerebral haemodynamics in clinical applications
  • Doctor of Philosophy: The Cognition and Flow Study
  • Doctor of Philosophy: Inter-lateral Sensory Referral – Prevalence and Therapeutic Potential in Stroke
  • Doctor of Philosophy: Blood pressure variability: its definition, measurement, natural history and prognosis following acute stroke
  • Doctor of Philosophy: The effects of cerebral reperfusion therapies on cerebral haemodynamic parameters in acute ischaemic stroke


Key Publications

>250 original publications; 7858 citations; Google Scholar H-index 45, i10-index 131 (at 09 Oct 2019);

For Full List:

Orcid ID: 0000-0003-2144-2468

Google Scholar Link:

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