Dr Kumar Ramnarine

Dr Kumar RamnarineHonorary Senior Lecturer, University of Leicester /
Clinical Scientist, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

PhD in Biophysics, University of London, 1997
MSc in Radiation Physics, University College London, 1990
BSc (Hons) in Physics, University of Edinburgh, 1989

Emailkumar.ramnarine@uhl-tr.nhs.uk; kvr4@le.ac.uk  

Tel: 0116 258 6237

Address: Sandringham Building, Level 1, Room 140, Leicester Royal Infirmary, Leicester LE1 5W

Research Interests

  • Shear Wave Elastography (SWE)Medical ultrasound technology and clinical applications including:
  • Biomechanical imaging: Shear Wave Elastography, dynamic behaviour of arteries and carotid plaque.
  • Doppler Ultrasound: Flow test objects and phantoms; vector Doppler; hepatic haemodynamics.
  • Contrast agents: Image enhancement; targeted microbubbles; clinical applications; behaviour and properties.
  • Safety and Standards: Biological effects of ultrasound; in situ ultrasound exposure; national and international standards; tissue mimicking materials.
  • Others: Therapy, Quality Assurance; intravascular ultrasound; endoscopic ultrasound; 3D ultrasound; emboli.

Key papers

Garrard JW, Ummur P, Nduwayo S, Kanber B, Hartshorne TC, West KP, Moore D, Robinson TG, Ramnarine KV. Shear Wave Elastography May Be Superior to Greyscale Median for the Identification of Carotid Plaque Vulnerability: A Comparison with HistologyUltraschall Med. 2015 Aug;36(4):386-90.

Kanber B, Hartshorne TC, Horsfield MA, Naylor AR, Robinson TG, Ramnarine KV. A Novel Ultrasound-Based Carotid Plaque Risk Index Associated with the Presence of Cerebrovascular SymptomsUltraschall Med. 2015 Oct;36(5):480-6.

Ramnarine KV, Garrard JW, Kanber B, Nduwayo S, Hartshorne TC, Robinson TG. Shear wave elastography imaging of carotid plaques: feasible, reproducible and of clinical potentialCardiovasc Ultrasound. 2014 Dec 8;12:49.

Garrard J and Ramnarine KV. Shear-wave elastography in carotid plaques: comparison with Greyscale Median and histological assessment in an interesting case. Ultraschall Med. 2014 Feb;35(1):1-3

Ramnarine KV, Garrard JW, Dexter K, Nduwayo S, Panerai RB, Robinson TG. Shear Wave Elastography Assessment of Carotid Plaque Stiffness: In Vitro Reproducibility Study. Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology. 2014 Jan;40(1):200-9.

Kanber B, Hartshorne TC, Horsfield MA, Naylor AR, Robinson TG, Ramnarine KV. Quantitative assessment of carotid plaque surface irregularities and correlation to cerebrovascular symptoms. Cardiovascular Ultrasound 2013; 11 (1), 38.

Tortoli P, Morganti T, Bambi G, Palombo C, Ramnarine KV. Non-invasive simultaneous assessment of wall shear rate and wall distension in carotid arteries. Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology. 2006;32 (11):1661-1670.

Ramnarine KV, Hartshorne T, Sensier Y, Naylor M, Walker J, Naylor R, Panerai RB, Evans DH. Tissue Doppler Imaging of carotid plaque wall motion: a pilot study. Cardiovascular Ultrasound. 2003 Dec 19;1:17.

Ramnarine KV, Leen E, Oppo K, Angerson WJ, McCardle C. Contrast Enhanced Doppler Perfusion Index: Clinical and Experimental Evaluation. Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine. 2002;21:1121-1129.

Ramnarine KV, Nassiri DK, Hoskins PR and Lubbers J. Validation of a new blood mimicking fluid for use in Doppler flow test objects. Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology. 1998; 24; 3, 451-459.


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