Books, Book Chapters and Reviews

Books, Book Chapters and Reviews by Professor Ronney B Panerai, Department of Cardiovascular Sciences, University of Leicester

Panerai RB. Transcranial Doppler for evaluation of cerebral autoregulation. Clinical Autonomic Research, 2009;19:197-211.

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Panerai RB.  Cerebral autoregulation: From models to clinical applications. Cardiovascular Engineering 2008;8:42-59.

Panerai RB. 2004 System identification of human cerebral blood flow regulatory mechanisms. Cardiovascular Engineering: An International Journal 2004;4:59-71.

Panerai RB. 2003 The critical closing pressure of the cerebral circulation. Medical Engineering and Physics 2003;25:621-632.

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Panerai RB. 1998 Assessment of cerebral pressure-autoregulation in humans - a review of measurement methods. Physiological Measurement, 1998;19:305-338.

Panerai RB and Pena-Mohr J. 1989 Health Technology Assessment Methodologies for Developing Countries, Washington DC: Pan American Health Organization, ISBN 92 75 12023 4, 109 pp.

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