Professor Leong Loke Ng

Professor of Medicine and Therapeutics, University of Leicester

Honorary Consultant Physician, Cardiovascular Unit, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

Department of Cardiovascular Sciences
University of Leicester
Clinical Sciences Wing
Glenfield General Hospital
Leicester LE3 9QP

Tel: +44 (0)116 250 2449


Personal details


  • BA (Medical Sciences Tripos (1st Class), Cambridge, 1976
  • MB B Chir (Distinction), Cambridge, 1979
  • MRCP (UK), London, 1982
  • MD, Cambridge, 1988
  • FRCP, London, 1996
  • FBPhS, 2012

External positions

  • External Examiner for PhD, MD (Universities of Oxford, Manchester, Birmingham, London, Melbourne)
  • Editorial Advisory Board, Clinical Science
  • Secretary and Member of SAC, Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics



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Recent papers

Book chapters


  • studies on the role of cardiovascular peptides in heart disease

  • the use of hormonal markers for diagnosis and prognosis in heart disease and to determine therapeutic response to various drug treatments

  • use of proteomic technologies in biomarker discovery

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