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This is a collection of links to websites containing information on Professor G André Ng and his research group's activity.

World Heart Day

29 September 2021 Ways to tackle AFib. Med-Talk Podcast.

EAST-AFNet4 trial

29 August 2020 Leicester heart researchers play key role in international study treating patients with common heart rhythm condition. NIHR Leicester BRC. Leicester's Hospitals.

QDOT MICRO® AF ablation (QMode+)

23 Dec 2020 Leicester Research Highlights 2020. Youtube.

20 Nov 2020 Global Atrial Fibrillation Awareness Week. Twitter. Vimeo.

14 Sept 2020 One million Britons with ‘racing heart’ disease could soon be offered super-fast surgery. Whatsnew2day.

12 Sept 2020 The beat goes on ... thanks to a fast blast to the heart. Microsoft News.

12 Sept 2020 Super-fast surgery could soon be offered to one million Britons. Mail on Sunday. Flipboard.

6 Sept 2020 UK first: super fast procedure to treat heart arrhythmia performed in Leicester. Youtube - BBC East Midlands.

25 August 2020 Patient the first in the UK to undergo new procedure to treat heart arrhythmia. Fosse 107.

25 August 2020 Superfast procedure to treat heart arrhythmia. Healthcare in Europe.

25 August 2020 Great combination for AF ablation - nGen and QDotMicro - UK first superfast ablation. Twitter.

25 August 2020 4 seconds and you have a lesion! UK first superfast ablation at Leicester. Twitter. LinkedIn.

25 August 2020 UK's first op to treat heart arrhythmia takes place in city. Twitter. LinkedIn.

24 August 2020 Patient at Glenfield Hospital undergoes UK's first procedure to treat heart arrhythmia. Leicester Mercury.

24 August 2020 UK first: superfast procedure to treat heart arrhythmia performed in Leicester. UHL. LinkedIn.

3 December 2019 First QDot (QMode) UK case at Glenfield Hospital, Leicester. Twitter.

KODEX-EPDTM cardiac mapping and navigation system

12 August 2019 UK first for Leicester: ground-breaking software lets surgeon see real-time 3D map of heart. UoL. UHL.

14 August 2019 Software lets surgeon see real-time 3D map of heart. Health Tech Newspaper.

15 August 2019 Glenfield Hospital surgeons use 3D heart map in operations. BBC Online.

20 August 2019 New software lets surgeon see real-time 3D map of heart. Design Products and Applications.

21 September 2019 KODEX-EPD mapping for AF ablation. European Heart Journal.

Personalised Space Technology Exercise Platform (P-STEP) This is a collection of links to websites containing information on Professor G André Ng and his research group's activity.

30 March 2021 How satellites can improve the health of city dwellers. Glendive Gazette.

29 April 2019 Space tech to fight bowel cancer and exposure to air pollution. GOV.UK. pharmafield. Government WORLD.

29 April 2019.Ground-breaking space technology receives real-life health application. NIHR Leicester BRC. Leicester's Hospitals. University of Leicester.

29 April 2019 Leicester awarded £2 million by UK Space Agency to develop mobile app. Health Tech News.

30 April 2019 Space tech tackles health issues back on Earth. The Engineer.

1 May 2019 Space tech returns to Earth to fight air pollution exposure in hospitals. Energy Live News.

10 May 2019 Space tech to diagnose bowel cancer and monitor pollution hotspots. Geospatial world.

17 May 2019 P-STEP to address health issues. Zenopa.

10 June 2019 How satellites can improve the health of city dwellers. Phys Org.

11 June 2019 Mobile apps can help steer users away from polluted city areas.

New pacemaker therapy for heart failure

7 November 2017 New treatment offers hope for patients with heart failure. University of Leicester. 2. Leicester's Hospitals.

13 November 2017 Revolutionary new pacemaker technique could help people with heart failure. Leicester Mercury.

9 January 2018. New pacemaker for severe heart failure. Daily Mail.

European Heart Rhythm Association Inventors Award 2016

15 July 2016 Heart specialist rewarded for invention to help save the lives. Leicester Mercury

11 July 2016 University of Leicester Professor receives award for life saving technology. University of Leicester. 2.

8 June 2016 BRU Investigator Wins Prestigious Award. University of Leicester. Twitter. 2. CVS Newsletter. European Heart Rhythm Association.

UK-first heart operations using novel system at Leicester

19 May 2016 First UK heart operations using new computer program. Leicester Mercury.

19 May 2016. UK's first heart operation uses new Topera system to analyse electrical activity during AF. NewsMedical.

19 May 2016 Cardiologist Performs Heart Operations Using Novel System. Scicasts.

18 May 2106 University of Leicester UoL2 Alphagalileo Eurekalert Medicalxpress ScienceNewsline ScienceCodex YouTube clip


Test to predict risk of sudden cardiac death being developed in Leicester, UK

5 May 2016 Funding For Research Into New Life-Saving Test. Clinical Services Journal.

1 April 2016 New test for sudden cardiac death receives funding. University of Leicester2. Heart Research UK. Leicester Mercury. Cardiac Rhythm News.


World-first Robotic Catheter System experience

7 August 2012 The rise of Robodoc: They can operate on everything from your heart to creaky knees - but would you put your life into the hands of a robot surgeon? Daily Mail.

24 January 2012 A 'Robo-doc' fixed my fluttering heart. Daily Express.

19 November 2011 'Robosurgeon' could alter UK heart surgery forever. Leicester Mercury.

17 November 2011 Derby man's life transformed by robotic arm heart surgery. BBC News. Derby Telegraph.

16 November 2011 World First heart op changed my life. University Hosptials of Leicester NHS Trust.

23 August 2011 World First use of SmartTouch Catheter with Amigo Robot at Glenfield. Dot Medical.

19 May 2011 Research expertise - Case studies. University of Leicester.

11 April 2011 49th Medical Innovations Briefing. Royal Society of Medicine.

30 March 2011 Robo-op is a new world first for heart procedure. London Press Service.

2 December 2010  Operation Robot. BBC Radio 4 In Business.

16 November 2010 Robot arm in pioneering operation at Glenfield Hospital. BBC News. Medical News today. Leicester Mercury 1. 2.

25 October 2010 Fully armed. Public Service Review: European Union. Digital edition.

29 April 2010 Robot arm used in heart surgery first in Leicester. BBC News. BBC Radio 4 Today. Leicester Mercury 1. 2.


UK-first Nerve-stimulator implant for Heart Failure

April 2013 CardioFit™ in treating congestive heart failure Hospital Healthcare Europe 2013

October 2012 UK First University Hospitals of Leicester

24 August 2012 Revolutionary heart operation at Glenfield Hospital Leicester Mercury.

23 August 2012 First UK operation to tackle heart failure with novel nerve-stimulating implant. University of Leicester 1. 2. Leicester Mercury 1. 2. BBC. The Telegraph. Daily Express. ITV.


Leicester-first ROX coupler implant for Resistant Hypertension

25 January 2015 Implanted device could help patients with resistant high blood pressure. Design products and Applications.

23 January 2015 Blood pressure trials find new hypertension cure works. Leicester Mercury.

23 Januray 2015 Device found to lower blood pressure. University of Leicester.

23 September 2013 Groundbreaking procedure using novel 'paper-clip- style device to treat high blood pressure. Medical News Today. MediLexicon. Indian Express

19 September 2013 Groundbreaking procedure using novel 'paper-clip'style device to treat high blood pressure. University of Leicester. 2. Science Daily.

19 September 2013 Glenfield Hospital in groundbreaking high blood pressure research. Leicester Mercury.

19 September 2013 Could a paperclip-style device inserted in your thigh help reduce dangerously high blood pressure? Daily Mail. MD.TECH-EX.COM

19 September 2013 Novel paper-clip sized device used to tackle resistant high blood pressure.


Research awards and newsUniversity of Leicester.

7 July 2016 Festival of Postgraduate Research Awards - Leicester Mercury Media Prize and Best Poster (College of Medicine, Biological Sciences, and Psychology) winners. University of Leicester. 2.

8 June 2016 BRU Investigator Wins Prestigious Award. University of Leicester. Twitter

June 2016 Physiological Society Rob Clarke Award. University of Leicester.

13 April 2016 Doctor backs research into cricketer's heart ailment. Leicester Mercury.

17 May 2012 Best Poster - Festival of Postgraduate Research 2012. University of Leicester.

30 January 2012 No limits: overcoming barriers to innovation. Medtronic Eureka

19 October 2011 Triple award success for University researchers. University of Leicester.

18 October 2011 Prestigious award combines University innovations with design know-how. University of Leicester.

17 October 2011 University of Leicester to Commercialise Ground Breaking Research with Design Council Programme. University of Leicester. Leicester Mercury.

14 October 2011 University of Leicester researchers celebrate 'double hat trick' in heart research awards. University of Leicester. Loughborough News.

6 June 2011 LifeMapTM wins at Medical Futures Innovation Awards 2011- Best Innovation in Diagnostics. University of Leicester.

2 June 2011 Regional and international accolades for Leicester researcher. University of Leicester.

21 March 2011 Five Leicester researchers who SET an example. University of Leicester.

15 March 2011 New treatment hope for irregular heart beat presented at Parliament. University of Leicester.

9 December 2010 University of Leicester researcher achieves national recognition.

28 June 2010  New 'color maps' could warn of heart problem. UK Trade & Industry.

23 March 2010 Prestigious accolade for researcher. University of Leicester.

23 March 2010 Ground-breaking innovations in healthcare receive prestigious awards. University of Leicester.

March 2010 Clinical Impact Award. Da-Vinci Award 2010. Da-Vinci Award 2010b.

20 January 2010 New treatment hope by 'painting the colours of the heart'. Medical News Today.



9 January 2013 Managing atrial fibrillation may prevent the risk of stroke. Neuro News.

28 October 2008 Revolutionary operation performed live for Heart Rhythm Congress. Science Daily. EurekAlert.


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