Professor Gavin J Murphy's Research Group

Members of the Research TeamBasic Science Team

Professor Gavin Murphy (BHF Chair of Cardiac Surgery)

Sue Page (Team Administrator)

Marcin Wozniak (Lecturer)

Syabira Yusoff (Research Associate)

Lathishia Joel-David (Senior Research Nurse)

Bony Anthony (Research Nurse)

Tracy Kumar (Senior Research Manager)

Marius Roman (Academic Clinical Lecturer)

Douglas Miller (Clinical Research Fellow)

Hardeep Aujla (Clinical Trials Co-ordinator)

Florence Lai (Statistician)

Bryony Eagle-Hemming (LaboratoryTechnician)

Bethany Tabberer (Clinical Trials Administrator)

Riccardo Abbasciano (Clinical Research Fellow)

Marcin Wozniak (Lecturer)

Bryony Eagle-Hemming (Technician)

Syabira Yusoff (Research Associate)

Florence Lai (Statistician)



Clinical Trials

Cardiac Surgery Research PPI Newsletter

Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) Group

          Prof Murphy Team Research Excellence Award 

Professor Gavin Murphy & Team Research Excellence Award Winners 2017

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