Professor Gavin J Murphy's Research Group

Members of the Research TeamBasic Science Team

Professor Gavin Murphy (BHF Chair of Cardiac Surgery)

Mustafa Zakkar (Associate Professor)

Sue Page (Team Administrator)

Marcin Wozniak (Lecturer)

Lathishia Joel-David (Senior Research Nurse)

Bony Anthony (Research Nurse)

Tracy Kumar (Senior Research Manager)

Marius Roman (Academic Clinical Lecturer)

Hardeep Aujla (Clinical Trials Co-ordinator)

Florence Lai (Statistician)

Bryony Eagle-Hemming (LaboratoryTechnician)

Ruksar Abdala (Clinical Trials Administrator)

Riccardo Abbasciano (Clinical Research Fellow)

Sophia Sheikh (PhD Student)

Marcin Wozniak (Lecturer)

Bryony Eagle-Hemming (Technician)

Florence Lai (Statistician)



Clinical Trials

Cardiac Surgery Research PPI Newsletter

Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) Group

BHF Accelerator Award

Prof Murphy Team Research Excellence Award

Professor Gavin Murphy & Team Research Excellence Award Winners 2017

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