Reviews, Editorials and Book Chapters

Reviews, editorials and book chapters by Dr Amit Mistri, Department of Cardiovascular Sciences, University of Leicester

Atrial Fibrillation Reviews

Mistri A, Patel R. Ten top tips: Reviewing patients on established DOAC
Nursing in Practice 2020
, and Pulse 2020

Mistri H, Mistri AK. Atrial fibrillation: anticoagulation issues in primary care
Geriatric Medicine 2020

James J, Fotherby M, Mistri AK. Screening for Atrial Fibrillation -  a societal imperative.
Geriatric Medicine 2017 47 (5) Part 1 (May) & 47 (6) Part 2 (June)

O'Kelly, Mistri AK. Practical issues in the management of Atrial fibrillation.
Geriatric Medicine GM2 Heart & Brain Sept 2015; 23-27.

Vascular Disease Reviews

Mistri AK.  Pharmacological lipid modification folllowing stroke - An update. 
Clinical Lipidology 2014 9 (1); 83-89 DOI 10.2217/clp.13.81.

Gibson J, Mistri AK. Risk factors and prevention of stroke. 
Primary Care Cardiovascular Journal 2012 5 (1): 28-33.

Sett AK, Robinson TG, Mistri AK. Current status of statin therapy for stroke prevention. 
Expert Review of Cardiovascular Therapy 2011 9 (10); 1305-1314.

Zaheer Z, Robinson T, Mistri A.  Thrombolysis for acute ischaemic stroke: an update.
Therapeutic Advances in Chronic Disease 2011 2; 119-131.

Lager K, Mistri AK.  Current status of blood pressure management after stroke.
Expert Review of Cardiovascular Therapy 2010 8 (11); 1587-1598.

Mistri AK, Fotherby M. Treatment of hypertension as Secondary Prevention of Stroke.
Geriatric Medicine 2006 October.

Mistri AK, Potter JF. How low to go? Treatment of Hypertension Post-stroke.
Geriatric Medicine – Care of the Elderly Heart Supplement 2006 September.

Eames PJ, Mistri AK, Shah N, Robinson TG. Acute stroke hypertension: current and future management.
Expert Review of Cardiovascular Therapy. 2005 3(3); 405-412.

Continence Reviews

Browning J, Zaheer Z, Orzechowska A, Mistri A. Continence Aids in the management of urinary incontinence. 
Reviews in Clinical Gerontology
2012. 22; 85-98. doi:10.1017/S0959259811000244.

Maguire T, Tincello D, Mistri AK.  An overview of surgical interventions for the management of urinary incontinence. 
Reviews in Clinical Gerontology
2011. 21 (3); 246-255.

Mathur A, Browning J, Mistri AK. Non-pharmacological Management of Urinary Incontinence. 
Reviews in Clinical Gerontology. 2010 20; 268-276.

Mappilakkandy R, Mistri AK. Anticholinergics for Urge Incontinence. 
Reviews in Clinical Gerontology. 2010. 20;30-41.

Book Chapters

Minhas J, Mistri AK, Robinson TG. Secondary prevention and Revascularisation in the older person
Stroke in the Older Person (Editors: Munshi S & Harwood R, Publisher: Oxford University Press)

Mistri AK. Cardioembolic Stroke in: e-Brain, Module 5 - Ischaemic Vascular Disease.
EPub - Module 5 2011 - Joint Neurosciences Council (Updated 2017)

Haunton V, Sett A, Mistri AK, Fotherby M.  Stroke. 
Oxford Treatment and Diagnosis in Internal Medicine (2018)

Mistri AK. Secondary prevention of stroke.
Oxford Desk Reference: Geriatric Medicine (Editors: Gosney, Harper and Conroy). July 2012

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