Original publications - Pre-2010

Pre 2010 Publications for Dr Amit K Mistri

Potter J, Mistri A, Brodie F, Chernova J, Wilson E, Jagger C, James M, Ford G, Robinson T. Controlling hypertension and hypotension immediately post stroke (CHHIPS)--a randomised controlled trial. 
Health Technology Assessment 2009 Jan; 13 (9): 1-73

Potter JF, Robinson TG, Ford GA, Mistri A, James M, Chernova J, Jagger C.  Controlling hypertension and hypotension immediately post-stroke (CHHIPS): a randomised, placebo-controlled, double-blind pilot trial.  
Lancet Neurology 2009; 8: 48–56

Mistri AK, Robinson TG, Potter JF. Pressor Therapy in Acute Ischaemic Stroke: Systematic Review. 
Stroke 2006; 37: 1565-1571.

The CHHIPS Trial Group (Trial Coordinator: A Mistri). CHHIPS (Controlling Hypertension and Hypotension Immediately Post-Stroke) Pilot Trial: rationale and design. 
Journal of Hypertension 2005 Mar; 23(3): 649-55.

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