LeiSTAR Epidemiology Study

The LeiSTAR study has been designed to analyse routinely collected data to improve an understanding of TIA and stroke in the LLR region and to inform the strategic management strategy for these conditions.

The aims include:

1. To develop knowledge about the evolving epidemiology of stroke and TIA in Leicestershire
2. To improve understanding of the clinical characteristics of patients presenting with TIA or stroke
3. To develop clinical prediction rules that will facilitate provision of high-quality clinical care.
4. To identify avenues for improvement of management of TIA and stroke, by systematic process evaluation.



Chief Investigator         Dr Amit Mistri
Principal Investigator   Dr David Eveson (UHL NHS Trust)

Collaborators               Dr Lisa Manning, Dr Jatinder Minhas, Briana Coles
.                                   Prof Kamlesh Khunti, Prof Tom Robinson



Mankoo AS, Minhas JS, Coles B, Hussain ST,,Khunti K, Robinson TG, Mistri AK, Eveson DJ;  on behalf of the LeiSTAR Steering Committee. 
Clinical relevance of orthostatic hypotension  in patients with atrial fibrillation and suspected transient ischaemic attack.
High Blood Pressure and Cardiovascular Prevention 2020 27 (1): 93-101 (alternative pdf link)

Minhas J, Coles, B, Manning L, Eveson D, Mistri AK, on behalf of the LeiSTAR Steering Committee..
Is 1-year mortality a robust metric for monitoring TIA clinic effectiveness?
UKSF 2020.

Kadicheeni M, Minhas JS, Coles B, Eveson DJ, Hussain ST, Khunti K, Robinson TG.
Mortality in a one-stop TIA clinic.
ESO-WSO Conference 2020.

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