Abstracts & Posters

Summary of abstracts and posters at research and clinical meetings
Minhas J, Coles B, Manning L, Eveson D, Mistri AK.
Is 1-year mortality a robust metric for monitoring TIA clinic effectiveness?
UKSF 2020

Goldney J, Fazal J, Mistri AK.
A structured approach to the aetiological workup of cryptogenic stroke
UKSF 2020

Drury E, Mistri A, Douglas E.
The role of therapy support workers in improving the quantity of physiotherapy delivered within an acute stroke unit: a retrospective audit.
UKSF 2019 [International Journal of Stroke 2019 14: 28]

Coleby D, Taub N, Mistri A, Turner A, Coad J, Wark P, Bhatti K, Chahal K, Teo W.
Do South Asian communities 'Act FAST'?
British Journal of General Practice 2019; 69 (Suppl 1)

Eveson D, Gershlick A, Mistri A, Robinson TG.

Mechanical thrombectomy in a large primary stroke centre: a modelling exercise
International Journal of Stroke 2018 13 (Suppl 3): 23

Atkin C, O'Kelly K, Mistri A.
Audit Cycle of Intravenous Thrombolysis for Stroke: From Good to Better
BGS 2018 - Age & Aging. Oxford University Press. 47: 1 page. 01 Aug 2018

Minhas J, Mistri AK.
Dabigatran: Important considerations in the Elderly - Letter
J Emerg Med 2017; 42 (6): 884

Mistri AK, Khunti K, Robinson TG, Davies M. 
Prevalence and symptoms of hyperglycaemia in acute stroke - the SAS Study. Poster 038.
UKSF 2016 Poster 038.

Worthington E, Hawkins L, Birks E, Lincoln N, Sprigg N, Mistri A et al.
The Nottingham Fatigue After Stroke (NotFAST) Study: The Experiences of Participants.
UKSF 2016 Poster 006.

Hawkins L, Lincoln NB, Sprigg N, Ward N, Mistri A, Tyrell P, Worthington E, Drummond A.
The NOTtingham Fatigue After Stroke (NotFAST) Study: factors associated with severity at 6 months.
UKSF 2016 Poster 005.

Kaur R, Hackett E, Higgins K, Bourne T, Mistri A.
Reducing insulin prescription errors using an electronic prescribing and medication administration system.
Leicestershire Improvement, Innovation and Patient Safety (LIIPS) Forum 2016

Mistri AK, Connell P, Robinson TG.
Variability and Temporal Trend of Vicorder-estimated Pulse Wave Velocity (EAS16-0073) 
84th European Atherosclerosis Society Congress 2016.

Mistri AK, Samanta R.
Intravenous Thrombolysis for Paediatric Acute Ischaemic Stroke
International Conference on Heart & Brain 2016.

Samanta R, Musarrat K, Mistri AK.
Intravenous Thrombolysis for Paediatric Acute Ischaemic Stroke
British Paediatric Neurology Association Annual Conference 2016.

Eveson D, Musarrat K, Mistri AK.
Recognition of TIA in the Emergency room: Towards the development of a symptom-based ROTIER score  
European Stroke Organisation Conference 2015 (ESOC-0022)

Rao P, Prouten J, Higgins K, Mistri AK. 
An audit investigating the management of enteral feeding in patients with diabetes or hyperglycaemia admitted with stroke.
Diabetes UK Professional Conference 2015.

Rahman S, Robinson TG, Panerai RP, Mistri AK.
The effect of high concentration oxygen on cerebral blood flow in acute stroke patients.
UKSF 2014
[Int J Stroke 9 (Suppl 4); 44] - Acute Care 103.

Mistri AK, Syed N, Panerai RP, Robinson TG. 
High-flow oxygen reduces cerebral blood flow.
International Stroke Conference 2013 (Stroke 2013; 44: ATP63).

Hafeez A, Mistri AK. 
Re-audit of Stroke-to-Scan Pathway.
International Student Research Conference 2013.

Mistri AK, Ward E, Sunman W, Lally F, Dennis M, Roffe C. 
Screening, assessment and prophylaxis of VTE in the context of acute stroke - a UK Physician survey of current clinical practice.
European Stroke Conference 2013 (AID 1347).

Musarrat K, Eveson DJ, Mistri AK. 
Difference in risk factor profile in Caucasian and South Asian people presenting to a specialist TIA clinic.
European Stroke Conference 2013 (P715).

Sett A, Robinson TG, Mistri AK.
A survey of current UK practice of thromboprophylaxis following acute stroke.
World Stroke Congress 2012.

Banahan C, Mistri A et al.
Can we differentiate solid and gaseous emboli using embolic signal properties?
Heart and Brain Conference 2012.

Syed NF, Panerai RB, Robinson TG, Mistri AK. 
Is dynamic cerebral autoregulation measurement using TCD reliable in the presence of high flow oxygen and carbon dioxide?
CARNet 2012.

Banahan C, Mistri A et al. 
Microbubble signal properties from PFO tests using transcranial Doppler ultrasound.
ESNCH 2011.

Abdi Z, Mistri AK et al.
Does labetalol increase short term blood pressure variability after acute stroke?
UKSF 2011. [Int J Stroke 6 (Suppl 2); 15].

Sett A, Mistri AK.
A dramatic impact of the CLOTS Studies on clinical practice in the UK.
UKSF 2011. [Int J Stroke 6 (Suppl 2); 15].

Mistri A, Abdi Z et al.
Short-term Blood Pressure Variability and Early Outcome following Acute Stroke.
European Stroke Conference 2011.

COSSACS Study Group.
The Continue or Stop post-Stroke Collaborative Study (COSSACS): Main results.
ESC 2010 & ESH 2010.

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