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New opportunity to make processed foods healthier! 

Consumers and the media are aware that certain components of the Western diet, particularly processed foods, are associated with increased risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Recent events have also damaged public confidence in processed foods, particularly processed meats. There is therefore a need to develop healthier processed foods, improve the image of the industry, increase consumer confidence and to generate positive media attention and interest in new products.

In a timely discovery, researchers at the University of Leicester have identified a key pathway by which such foods, including processed meats, ready meals, and chocolate, induce the hallmark features of inflammation and dysregulated metabolism that promote cardiovascular disease and type II diabetes. By identifying how certain molecules arise within processed foods, and establishing how these molecules stimulate inflammation and metabolic disorder in the host, the researchers have established a novel means to make such foods healthier while using the same ingredients and equipment through the use of a novel, low-cost assay for these molecules and related procedures developed by the researchers.

We are offering academics and industry a free 12 month R&D licence to our novel assay and procedures which should enable manufacturers to highlight existing problems in the product supply chain and develop healthier food products with reduced risk of inflammatory disease for the consumer.  Find out more...

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