National and International Presentations

Crede A, Roland D, Alade J, Bryceland C, Lock R and Coats T. Research in Emergency Care - there's an app for that! Emerg Med J 2013;30:868-869 College of Emergency Medicine Scientific Conference Sep 24-26th 2013

Roland D, Winearls S and Matheson D. The ROMLA matrices as a tool in investigating guideline adherence and clinical outcome: Are they useful in children with head Injuries? Oral Presentation at RCPCH/EPA Conference: APEM stream June 7th 2013

Roland D, McClean J, Fores M, Lewis G, Davies F, Persse L and Houghton P. The development of in-course evaluative questions for simulation courses. Oral presentation at International Society of Paediatric Simulation, New York, April 25th-27th 2013

Roland D, Lewis G and Davies F. Maintaining Safety while reducing admission in a high risk patient group. Poster Presentation at International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare. London April 17th-19th 2013

Roland D, Lewis G, Rowlands R, Davidson E, Mckinley S and Davies F. Female perineal, genital and anal injuries in children and adolescents presenting to a Paediatric Emergency Department. Poster at Association of Paediatric Emergency Medicine Conference, Bristol 5th-6th December  2012 link

Stewart P and Roland D. Can educational interventions improve the assessment and management of feverish children by health care professionals? the literature is lukewarm Poster at Association of Medical Education Europe (AMEE) Conference, Lyon 25-29th August 2013 Link 6Z/8

Roland D, Jones G, Manikam L, Banerjee J and Lakhanpual M. Junior doctors experience of clinical practice guideline use in Emergency Departments. Poster at International Conference of Emergency Medicine, Dublin 27th-29th June 2012 link  

Roland D, Hickey F, Walsh P, Vince S and Acheson J. Does a national UTI guideline work in practice? The results of implementing a guideline adherent pathway in a children’s emergency department. Poster at International Conference of Emergency Medicine, Dublin 27th-29th June 2012 link

Roland D, Gareth L and Davies F.  Addition of a subjective nursing assessment improves specificity of a tool to predict admission of children to hospital from an emergency department. e-Poster at European Paediatric Research Society Newcastle 2011 link to abstract

Roland D, Gareth L and Davies F. Determining the effect of objective and subjective criteria on a risk assessment tool in a paediatric emergency department. Oral Presentation at College of Emergency Medicine Conference (top scoring abstract in APEM group) Gateshead 2011 link to abstract

Roland D, Patel A and Geliot T. Delivering Safety Net Advice and the Emergency Department Clinical Quality Indicator of unplanned re-attendance in children. Oral Presentation at College of Emergency Medicine Conference Gateshead 2011 Link to abstract

Roland D, Davies F, Lakhanpaul M, Blackwell N, Wahl H and Coats T. Enagagement with an e-learning tool during an Emergency Department Induction programme: Can it predict Junior Doctor performance? Oral presentation at Association of Medical Education Europe Vienna 2011 link to abstract

Rowlands R, Roland D, Davies F and Mansey A. A One Year Review of Children with Head Injuries Presenting to a Childrens Emergency Department. College of Emergency Medicine Conference Birmingham 2010 [Accepted Poster PB111] link to abstract

Roland D, Wahl H, Lakhanpaul M, Blackwell N and Davies F. Using audio-visual patient recordings to promote guideline adherence. Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg 2010 143 (1) suppl 56-57

Roland D, Brown C, Long A and Newell S. Paediatric Consultants experience of WPBA. Oral presentation at Association of Medical Education Europe Glasgow 2010

Roland D, Brown C, Davies-Muir A, Long A, Muir G and McGraw M. Paediatric trainees experience of WPBA. Oral presentation at Ottowa Conference Miami 2010 

Patel A and Roland D. Do traffic lights work in August? Variation in adherance to the NICE feverish illness in children guideline at the start of the new medical year. Oral presentation at RCPCH Conference Warwick 2010 link to abstract

Roland D, Madar J and Connolly G. Newborn Early Warning: A tool to prevent morbidity in at risk newborn infants. Poster presentation at European Society for Paediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Verona 2009

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