Invited Talks (International and National)

Social Medical and Critical Care Conference #SMACCGold 2014 (Brisbane): "Evaluating Education"

International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare 2014 (Paris): New Improvers transforming healthcare

RCPCH/EPA Conference 2013 - "Is there a role of Early Warning Scores in Paediatric Emergency Departments" 07.07.13

Rapid Response Systems and Medical Emergency Teams 2013 - "Identification of sick children in acute care settings"

Trust Me I'm a doctor: Professionalism and Excellence in modern medicine - "Leadership: are we professional about it?" 10.5.13

International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare 2013: 10 Biggest Improvement projects that have shaped the world: NHS Change Day

Emergency Medicine 2013: Triage or Assessment: Spotting the Sick Child Early in the Emergency Department

Clinical Audit Support Centre Conference 2012 - "Finding best practice and keeping up-to-date with NHS evidence" 22.11.12

The Future of Radiology in the NHS: British Institute for Radiology - "Education, Traing and Workforce Connundrums: What does the future hold" 09.11.12

Royal Society of Medicine: Patient Safety in Emergency Medicine - "Safety in Paediatric Emergency Medicine" 26.10.12

Children and Young People Urgent Care (Launch of high volume pathway) - "Fever: Implementing the NICE Guidelines and an overview of best practice." Chiltern Clinical Commissioning Group 20.09.12

Welsh RCPCH St. David's Conference - "Early Warning Scores; Panacea or Pointless" 01.03.12

NACT UK 2012 - "A trainees view of workplace based assessment" 25.01.12

Emergency Medicine 2012 - "Spotting the Sick Child in the Emergency Department" 13.01.12

PICS 2011 - "Is there a perfect early warning tool for Children?" 23.09.11

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