Professor Yihai Cao

Professor of Vascular Biology

(Part-time at the University of Leicester)

Medical degree M.D. Shandong Medical College, 1983 
Ph.D. in Medical Sciences-Cell and Molecular Biology, 1993
Honorary M.D., Copenhagen University, Denmark. 2006


Address: Department of Cardiovascular Sciences, University of Leicester, Clinical Sciences Wing, Glenfield General Hospital, Leicester, LE3 9QP

Research Interests

My main research interests include molecular mechanisms of pathological angiogenesis that contributes to obesity, metabolic diseases, diabetic complications, cancer, metastasis, and cardiovascular diseases, with emphasis on clinical relevance and translational research. 

Key Publications

Dong M, Yang X, Lim S, Cao Z, Honek J, Lu H, Zhang C, Seki T, Hosaka K, Wahlberg E, Yang J, Zhang L, Länne T, Sun B, Li X, Liu Y, Zhang Y, Cao Y. Cold exposure promotes atherosclerotic plaque growth and instability via UCP1-dependent lipolysis. Cell Metab. 2013; 18(1): 118-29.

Xue Y1, Lim S, Yang Y, Wang Z, Jensen LD, Hedlund EM, Andersson P, Sasahara M, Larsson O, Galter D, Cao R, Hosaka K, Cao Y. PDGF-BB modulates hematopoiesis and tumor angiogenesis by inducing erythropoietin production in stromal cells. Nat Med. 2011; 18(1): 100-10.

Zhang C, Zhao YX, Zhang YH, Zhu L, Deng BP, Zhou ZL, Li SY, Lu XT, Song LL, Lei XM, Tang WB, Wang N, Pan CM, Song HD, Liu CX, Dong B, Zhang Y, Cao Y. Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 attenuates atherosclerotic lesions by targeting vascular cells. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2010; 107(36): 15886-91.

Xue Y, Petrovic N, Cao R, Larsson O, Lim S, Chen S, Feldmann HM, Liang Z, Zhu Z, Nedergaard J, Cannon B, Cao Y. Hypoxia-independent angiogenesis in adipose tissues during cold acclimation.Cell Metab. 2009; 9(1): 99-109.


Recent papers

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