Dr Caroline Banahan

Dr Caroline BanahanHonorary Research Associate, University of Leicester /
Medical Physicist, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

BSc (Applied Physics), First Class, 2004, Dublin City University
PhD (Physics), 2009, Dublin City University

Tel: 0116 252 5839

Email: cb355@le.ac.uk; caroline.banahan@uhl-tr.nhs.uk  

Department of Cardiovascular Sciences, University of Leicester, Level 4 Robert Kilpatrick Clinical Sciences Building (Lab 406), Leicester Royal Infirmary, Leicester, LE2 7LX

Research Interests

I work within the Ultrasound Medical Physics Research Group (Dr. Emma Chung, Dr. Kumar Ramnarine) where we conduct both clinical and in-vitro studies. My main interests are:

  • Development of novel Doppler ultrasound techniques
  • Embolus detection and characterisation
  • Stroke and head trauma injury detection

Key Papers

Patel N, Horsfield MA, Banahan C, Janus J, Masters K, Morlese J, Egan V, Chung EML. Impact of perioperative infarcts after cardiac surgery. Stroke. 2015; 46: 680-686.

Chung EML, Banahan C, Patel N, Janus J, Marshall D, Horsfield MA, Rousseau C, Keelan J, Evans DH, Hague JP. Size distribution of air bubbles entering the brain during cardiac surgery. PLOS ONE. 2015; 10(4): e0122166.

C Banahan, Z Rogerson, C Rousseau, KV Ramnarine, DH Evans, EML Chung. An In Vitro comparison of embolus differentiation techniques for clinically significant macroemboli: Dual-frequency technique versus frequency modulation method. Ultrasound Med. Biol. 2014; 40: 2642-2654.

JP Hague, C Banahan, EML Chung. Modelling of impaired cerebral blood flow due to gaseous emboli. Physics in Medicine and biology. 2012; 58: 4381-4394.

C Banahan, JP Hague, DH Evans, R Patel, KV Ramnarine and EML Chung. Sizing gaseous emboli using Doppler embolic signal intensity. Ultrasound Med. Biol. 2012; 38: 824.

C Banahan, R Patel, V Jeyagopal, A Mistri, JP Hague, EML Chung, DH Evans. Microbubble signal properties from PFO tests using transcranial Doppler ultrasound. New Perspectives in Medicine. 2012; 1: 232-235.


Department of Cardiovascular Sciences

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