Health and Safety

Introduction to Health and Safety

The information provided in the Health and Safety Manuals below will help you to work safely. It is important that you comply with these guidelines to ensure the health and safety of all those working in and visiting the Department.

Health and Safety must be an everyday part of our working lives. Accepting responsibility for the work we do and the materials that we use is part and parcel of being competent and professional, whether we work at a bench or behind a desk. Please remember that following these guidelines will not only help to prevent risks to you but also to others who may be affected by your actions.

All staff and students should read the Departmental Safety Manual. In addition, there is a Laboratory Safety Handbook for those staff who carry out laboratory research. Each area has at least one designated Local Safety Supervisor (LSS) who coordinates the safety-related activities of their colleagues and provides advice on safe working and on departmental procedures.


Fire Safety and other Emergencies

Instructions on how to act in the event of a fire, bomb warning or other emergency are to be found in the RKB Emergency Plan or the Glenfield Emergency Plan. These documents also provide a list of qualified first aiders and a brief outline of what to do in the event of an accident or injury.


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