Setting up a Universty IT Account

Postgraduate student computer accounts are created as part of the course registration process. Accounts for other members of the department must be requested through the Departmental IT Contact (Eleanor Jackson). At busy times, account creation may take up to a week so it is important to plan ahead.

Types of Account

There are two types of account; 'Staff' and 'External'. As far as the user is concerned the accounts are pretty much the same, but the application procedure is different and external accounts last a maximum of 12 months (renewable). To qualify for a Staff account, you must have an employment contract with the university (paid or honorary). Other users can be given an external account. In the future, external accounts may become chargeable, so they will be closely monitored by the departmental management.

Information Required

Staff Accounts: These accounts should be created automatically but are dependent on the existence of a current SAP HR record. This means that delays in completion of HR paperwork, return of contracts etc. will leave new members of staff without IT access.

External Accounts: Full name, title, home address (including postcode), date of birth, phone number and if applicable, any previous CFS (University IT Account) username. Additionally, whether the user will work  more or less than 200 hours per annum on university work, whether they will access computing facilities on-site, remotely or both and whether they will require ATHENS (access to Journals and other electronic resources).

File Storage and Sharing

Each University IT account is allocated a quota of personal filestore capacity (Z: drive). Additionally, each department is allocated collective space on a shared drive (X: drive). Files and folders can be shared between users on either drive. For a small number of sharers or where the information is confidential, sharing a folder on someone’s Z: drive allocation is usually the best option. Material that is less sensitive or to be shared more widely, can be stored on the X: drive. Folder permissions can be set to restrict access. All CVS account holders gain automatic  access to the unrestricted areas of the CVS X: drive.

IT Services advice on using filestore.

Remote Access

Unlike the UHL network, email, calendars and files can be accessed remotely. These can be accessed from any computer connected to the internet and email and calendars can be accessed through suitable mobile devices. Files stored on the departmental X: drive are only accessible remotely if they are placed in the special Web Access folder.

ITS advice on remote access to filestore.

ITS advice on remote access to Outlook.

ITS advice on the use of PDAs and mobiles.


IT Services managed PCs (networked computers) carry a range of mandatory software. In addition, an extensive catalogue of more specialised programs can be installed, as required.

Computer Purchase

The University has supply arrangements with selected suppliers for IT equipment and consumables. These are necessary to comply with EU tendering regulations but also ensure compatibility with University systems. The contracts for desktop PCs and computer/printer consumables are mandatory.

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