Annual Leave Requests 

You should all be issued with an annual leave form which should be used each time you request leave.  Annual leave needs to be authorised by both your Line Manager and Departmental Manager or Deputy Departmental Manager (depending on site location).  Once authorised your form should then be given to Tina Godfrey (for the GGH site) or Carole Patrick (for the LRI/LGH site) to record your accumulative total on departmental records.  Your form will then be returned to you for future use.  

If you haven't got a form or you have any queries about this please email:

Tina Godfrey (if you are located at the GGH site) or Tel: 0116 204 4759

Carole Patrick (if you are located at the LRI or LGH site) or Tel: 0116 252 3183



Bank Holiday and University Closure Days

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