Athena SWAN

The Athena SWAN self-assessment team guide the Department’s activity and is aimed at improving the career progression of women in both academic and administrative career pathways.

Activity was initially focussed on women in academic careers, and our efforts resulted in a Silver Athena SWAN award in 2016. The Athena SWAN system has since broadened the scope of its activity to cover all staff groups, and is now hard at work monitoring and helping the various Departmental Committees with the implementation of our Athena SWAN Action Plan. We also work closely with Glenn Rodrigo who is the CVS Gender Equality Lead.

Athena SWAN - receiving the Silver Award

Athena SWAN Members

Matt Bown Pete Braund Tim Coats Veryan Codd
Matt Denniff Emma Chung
Gina Barnett Kim Mason
Joy Wright Jodie Sandhu Glenn Rodrigo Nilesh Samani
Anvesha Singh Janette Moore
Gavin Whyman


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