Meet some of our staff and students

Victoria Haunton

Dr Victoria HauntonVictoria completed her MD within Cardiovascular Sciences before returning to the Department as an Academic Clinical Lecturer in Geriatric Medicine in March 2014. She has been a member of the Department's Working Lives Committee since its inception.

As a Department, Cardiovascular Sciences is dynamic, forward-thinking, collaborative, and constantly striving for academic excellence. I have been encouraged and supported by the Department at each stage of my clinical academic career.
Vimal Gokani

Dr Vimal Gokani

I qualified at Barts and The London School of Medicine in 2006 with a BMedSci and a medical degree under my belt. I subsequently completed Foundation Training in the North East Thames region after which I undertook an MSc in Surgical Science, looking at vascular malformations at Great Ormond Street Hospital. I was then appointed as an Academic Clinical Fellow in Surgery at The University of Leicester. Currently I am studying the effects of surgery on cardiovascular risk as part of a British Heart Foundation funded PhD. The Cardiovascular Sciences department is a hugely supportive environment, which houses a really friendly and cohesive atmosphere.
Alison Goodall

Professor Alison H GoodallAlison has held a Chair in Thrombosis and Haemostasis since joining the Department at its inception in April 2003.  She has held several senior roles and is currently College Lead for Clinical Research and Head of the Cardiovascular Theme for the College of Medicine Biological Sciences and Psychology. She is also a member of the Department Executive.

Being a member of this Department has enabled me to conduct high impact research and also allowed me to play key roles in guiding the policies of the Department and College.  One of the most rewarding roles was as part of the team designing and building our new Cardiovascular Research Centre
Hardeep Aujla

Hardeep AujlaHardeep obtained a BSc in Dietetics from Coventry University prior to joining the Department of Cardiovascular Sciences in March 2013 as a Clinical Trials Administrator.

My background is predominantly clinical, but during my final year I decided that research was an area I wanted to pursue. Supporting the administration of an international clinical trial has provided an invaluable insight into the processes that underpin and drive clinical research. The department is very accommodating in offering a range of experiences to broaden this knowledge and is a very friendly and progressive environment to work in.
Glenn Rodrigo

Glenn RodrigoGlenn received his BSc and PhD from the University of Leicester, and was a lecturer at Newcastle (UK) and Otago University (NZ) before joining Cardiovascular Sciences in 2005.

As a basic scientist, I have found working in a clinical department both challenging and rewarding. The strong mix of clinical and basic science research has proven a stimulating and challenging environment. It has provided me with insight into translational research and the opportunity to translate my research to address clinically relevant questions.

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