The Tourism and Place Making research unit (TAPLAM)


The Tourism and Place Making research unit (TAPLAM) at the School of Business, University of Leicester was formed in November 2017. TAPLAM main thrust is to embark upon a continuous academic engagement with research themes at the intersections of tourism, space, place marketing, place making, and place branding amongst others. Considering the growth and fragmentation of tourism and place making studies, TAPLAM seeks to approach these phenomena from an alternative and multi-disciplinary perspective driven by curiosity and critical engagement. We collaborate with academics, practitioners and the wider public in our research and impact driven activities and events.

Lead: Dr Fabian Frenzel & Mandi Jamalian

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Upcoming Events

Title of the seminar series: Place - Identity - Crisis

Host: Tourism and Place Making Research Group, School of Business

Location: University of Leicester, School of Business Online

Date: Tuesday 9 - Thursday 30 June 2020

Past Events




Research Interests

Fona Cristina

Place marketing, place branding, place image, ethical consumption, sustainability

Frenzel Fabian

Tourism in Areas of Urban Poverty, Urban Regeneration, Tourism Theory

Giovanardi Massimo

Place marketing, place branding, tourism, space

Jamalian Mandi

Heritage tourism, visitor experience, place-making and sense of place

Kavaratzis Mihalis

Place marketing, place branding, place identity, destination images, over-tourism

Ozkan Erciyas Fatos

Place-making, rhythmanalysis, marketplace exclusion and inclusion

Patsiaouras Georgios

Space reproduction, social movements, Henri Lefebvre, place marketing

Polyakova Tatiana

Place marketing, place branding, tourism marketing.

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