Research in Accounting, Society and Accountability (RASA)

The Research in Accounting, Society, and Accountability (RASA) Unit is an interdisciplinary group of scholars interested in understanding how accounting shapes and is in turn shaped by society.

Our research challenges narrower understandings of what accounting is and what it becomes and thus contributes to the further development of accounting practice and theory, including radical alternatives.


Amanze Ejiogu

Emad Elkhashen

Geoffrey Lightfoot

Caroline Linhares

Kishor Lodhia

Ulrike Marx

Mahmoud Marzouk

Sarah Gamal Mohamed

Anthony O’Tierney

Nikiforos Panourgias

Silvia Pazzi

Chathurani Ratnayake Mudiyanselage

Federica Salvatori

Ekaterina Svetlova

Hendrik Vollmer

Kenneth Weir

Fatima Yusuf

Lead: Amanze Ejiogu

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