LAIN: Artificial Intelligence, Platforms and Workers

Human resource and other management practices involving artificial intelligence (AI) such as people analytics, algorithmic management by platform, sentiment analysis, biometric recording, customer service chatbots, and facial recognition of cobots, have introduced the use of big data and machine learning to make judgements about workers and to eliminate what has been called the "people problem".

Risks to workers' safety and health, violence and harrassment are on the rise, as digitalization becomes endemic in workplaces from the factory, to offices, streets and work within the home., when/if AI is not appropriately regulated. Workers are often not organised into unions and are even more forbidden from joining unions. Because of this, the ethical and moral questions in this new terrain of digitalised workplaces must be addressed, where the possibilities for discrimination and labour market exclusion are real.

The workshop will focus on these questions and more.


Negotiating the Algorithm: Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Labour Protection.

Professor Dr Valerio De Stefano, KU Leuven Faculty of Law

The Mirror (for Artificial) Intelligence: In whose reflection?

Associate Professor Dr Phoebe V Moore, University of Leicester School of Business

Artificial Intelligence is Watching You at Work. Digital Surveillance, Employee Monitoring and Regulatory Issues in the EU Context.

Dr Elena Gramano, Goethe University, Frankfurt

Dr Antonio Alosi, European University Institute

Plenary Panels

Social Media, Big Data and the Labour Movement: Exploring new forms of activism and worker representation to raise labour standards

  • 'Datafication of the workplace: towards a data justice response'. Dr Lina Dencik, Cardiff, School of Journalism
  • 'The Twin Peaks of UCU: Existential surrealism on the pension picket line'. Dr Torsten Geelan and Dr Athina Karatzogianni, University of Leicester
  • 'Calculated Bias': The social and ethical dimensions of automating the HR function'. Dr Xanthe Whittaker, Leeds University
  • 'Going beyond Mobilisation at McDonald's': The lessons of 'OUR Walmar' for UK unions'. Dr Alex Wood, Birmingham University

AI Platforms, North and South

  • 'Delivering Edinburgh: Uncovering the Digital Geography of Platform Labour in the City'. Dr Karen Gregory, University of Edinburgh
  • 'Artificial Intelligence and the Global South'. Dr Juan Grigera, Kings College, London
  • 'Platform Labour and Class Composition '. Dr Jamie Woodcock, Oxford Internet Institute
  • 'Working with Algorithms: Spatial and bodily politics of Chinese food-delivery workers'. Dr Yingqing Zheng and Dr Philip Wu, Royal Holloway University of London


Friday 25 October 2019, 9:30 am - 6:00 pm


College Court, University of Leicester


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