Innovation and Creativity in Transformational Economies (INCITE)

INCITE is a groundbreaking international, interdisciplinary network working in and researching innovation and creativity in transformational economies.

Drawing on the academic disciplines of design theory, innovation, social innovation, science and technology studies, regional and policy studies, marketing, and philosophy, INCITE’s members examine how and why creativity and innovation emerge in transformational economies.

Our studies are based on economies that are transforming, changing settings, ranging from South East Asia to South America, but also in Western regions that are experiencing post-industrial crises but with pockets of innovation (e.g. Northern England) and other underdeveloped areas of developed countries. We are researching how design, innovation and creativity are used to revitalize underdeveloped areas, and how communities are innovatively reacting to unfavourable conditions by creating economic, social and cultural values.

Our research is driven by a qualitative, ethnographic approach which involves field research to gain an in-depth understanding of the ecosystems in which the creative sectors operate.

We have carried out several different projects to date, including a mapping exercise of the creative industries in Vietnam and workshops on capacity building within the creative industries.


Dr Marta Gasparin (Co-director)

Dr Martin Quinn (Co-director)

Claire Driscoll (Work Room Four)

Dr Will Green

Professor Mike Saren

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Photographs from the Crafting Futures Project, Uzbekistan.

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