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Stephen Wood is Professor of Management and Director of Research Income and Enterprise at the School of Management. Research areas include job-related well-being, employment relations, and human resource management.

Professor Wood was previously at the Institute of Work Psychology, University of Sheffield where he was Deputy Director and Research Chair and a Co-Director of the University’s ESRC (Economic and Social Research Council) Centre for Organisation and Innovation, 2001–06. He was elected an Academician of the British Academy of Social Science in 2007.  Over 35 years Professor Wood has provided policy advice to a range of organisations, public and private, and contributed to public life in a number of ways. He was Chair of Health and Safety Commission’s Workers Safety Advisor Challenge Fund Management Board (2004­­­­–07) and a Member of Opportunities in Employment Task Group of the Department of Health and Social Security’s Choosing Health? Task Group Consultation Exercise for White Paper, 2004, and a member of various ESRC committees.

Stephen Wood's projects on health and health management.

Stephen Wood's webpage.


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