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Ian is a Visiting Professor from Nottingham Trent University, where he is based in the Business School.  Ian has scholarly expertise in three areas. First, economic performance and economic re-structuring in the British economy since 1945. Second, HRM and industrial relations in American multinational firms and the extent which US multinationals are HRM and industrial relations innovators in the UK. Third, the diffusion of new business models associated with financial capitalism and the rise of private equity and the recent financial crisis. In addition to these areas Ian recently managed a research team which examined NHS strategies for skill-mix in hospitals and the effect of this strategy on health care assistants. In terms of impact and public policy Ian provided oral and written evidence to the UK Government Treasury Select Committee during its investigation into private equity between 2007 and 2009. Ian also co-wrote the GMB submission to the committee and briefed the GMB union General Secretary and the UNITE union deputy General Secretary before they gave oral evidence to the committee. More recently Ian briefed the General Secretary of the Union of Communication Workers’ on the potential dangers of private equity involvement in the privatisation of the UK Royal Mail. Ian’s input helped to secure that the Royal Mail pension scheme will remain controlled and administered by the government once Royal mail is privatised. As well as continuing work on health care assistants Ian’s current research focuses on the financial crisis and its impact on workers and managers. More specifically this work examines the sustainability of new business models associated with financial capitalism and the effects of financial distress and administration in portfolio firms controlled by private equity. Ian works closely with colleagues in the Centre for Economic Policy Research in Washington DC where he was a visiting researcher.

Research Interests

Investor and shareholder capitalism
Financialisation and the financial crisis
The Private Equity Business Model and employment relations
Skill-mix strategies in the NHS

HRM and industrial relations in American multinational firms

PhD Supervision


Most Recent Publications

Yates, E. and Clark, I. (2018) ‘The strategic economic governance of greater Manchester’s local labour market by the state: Implications for young workers’ Economic and Industrial Democracy, read the whole article here

Clark, I. and Colling, T. (2017) ‘Work in Britain’s Informal Economy: Learning from Road-Side Hand Car Washes’ British Journal of Industrial Relations, early view, November, 23rd

Clark, I. (2017) British-Based Foreign-Owned Firms: ‘Containing, Embracing and Hyper-Activating Britishness’? Industrial and Economic Democracy published on early view December 5th read the whole article at

Clark, I. (2016) ‘Financialization, Ownership and Employee Interests under Private Equity at the AA, Part Two’. Industrial Relations Journal, 47:3 328-353

Goyer, M., Clark, I., Bankaraully, S. (2016) ‘A Qualitative Analysis of Downsizing in France and the United Kingdom 2008-2013’ Human Resource Management Journal, 26:3 252-268. Read the whole article here.

Beck, V., Brook, P., Carter, R., Clark, I. Danford, A. Hammer, N., Kanji, S., Simms, M. (2016) Editorial: Work, Employment and Society – Sans frontiers: extending and deepening our reach. Work, Employment and Society 30:2 211-219

Clark, I. and Colling, T. (2016) ‘New Insights into Informal Migrant Employment: Hand Car Washes in a Mid-Sized English City’ Economic and Industrial Democracy. read the whole article at

Hammer. N. Plugor, R., Nolan, P., Clark, I (2014) ‘New Industry on a Skewed Playing Field: Supply Chain Relations and Working Conditions in UK Garment Manufacturing’ The Centre for Sustainable Work and Employment Futures, The University of Leicester.

Clark, I. (2014) 'Health-care assistants, aspiration, frustration and job satisfaction in the workplace' Industrial Relations Journal, 45:4 300-312.

Clark. I (2014) 'Private Equity Buy-Outs – What About the Workers?', GMB@AA. February.

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Appelbaum, E. Batt, R., Clark, I. (2013) ‘Implications for Employment Relations Research: Evidence from Breach of Trust and Implicit Contracts in Private Equity Buy-Outs’ British Journal of Industrial Relations. 51:3 498-518.

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Heyes, J. Lewis, P. Clark, I. (2012) ‘Varieties of Capitalism: The State, Financialisation and the Economic Crisis of 2007-?’  Industrial Relations Journal 43(3) 222-241 May.

Clark, I. and Bawden, C.  (2011) ‘A Practitioner Study of Investment in the UK Retail Sector by Mid-Market Private Equity, 2000-2008’ Venture Capital: An International Journal of Entrepreneurial Finance. 13(3) 215-243.

Clark, I. (2011) ‘Private Equity, Union Recognition and Value Extraction at the AA.’ Industrial Relations Journal 42(1) 36-50.

Morrell, K. and Clark, I. (2010) ‘Private Equity and the Public Good’ The Journal of Business Ethics.  96:249-266, March.

Bailey, D., Clark, I. De Ruyter, A. (2010) ‘Private Equity and the Flight of the Phoenix Four – the Collapse of MG Rover’ The Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society,   Volume 3(3), 1-15.

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Clark, I. (2009c) ‘Owners not Managers: Disconnecting Managerial Capitalism? Understanding the Take Private Equity Business Model.’ Work, Employment and Society 23(4), 359-378.

Full Listing of Publications

Clark, I. (2007) ‘Private Equity and HRM in the British Business System’ Human Resource Management Journal 17(3) 218-226.

Clark, I. (2006) ‘Another Third Way:?, VW and Trials of Stakeholder Capitalism’ Industrial Relations Journal 37(6) 593-607.

Colling, T. and Clark, I. (2006) ‘What Happened When the Americans Took Over Britain’s Electricity Industry? Exploring Trans-National Sector Effects on Employment Relations’ The International Journal of Human Resource Management. 17(9) 1625-1644.

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Monographs and Monograph Chapters
Clark, I. (forthcoming) ‘Distress And Trafficking In New Capitalism The Fate Of Private Equity Portfolio Firms In Economic Crisis’? in Watt, A. and Galgoczi, B. (Eds) Private Equity and Financialization: Their Impact on the Real Economy  ETUC. Brussels,  ISBN and publication date not yet available.

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Engagement, Impact and Practitioner Publications

Clark, I. 'How is Ownership at Astra Zeneca Open for Pfizer's Business' on the CSWEF news and events feed and also on School of Management blog

Appelbaum, E. Batt, R., Clark, I. (2011) ‘Financial Capitalism, Breach of Trust and Collateral Damage’.  Report published by the Centre for Economic Policy Research, November 2011. Available on the CEPR website under Experts Publications Eileen Appelbaum.

Clark, I. (2011) Written Evidence submitted to Department for Business Innovation and Skills Consultation ‘A Long-Term Focus for Corporate Britain’. Cited as a contributor in the summary of responses – A long-term focus of corporate Britain, March 2011.  Contribution cited in Department for Business Innovation and Skills – Summary of Responses – Long Term Focus for Corporate Britain, March 2011, page 27.

Clark, I. (2008) ‘Private Equity Friend or Foe’ Editor’s Highlight/Leader referred debate article in People Management 21st August, pages 18-25. CIPD, London, reviewed in BUIRA news no. 63, page 1, October 2008, President’s Review.

Clark, I. (2007a) Invited to Submit Written Evidence to the Financial Services Authority on Private Equity Regulation, March. (Cited as a contributor to the FSA Feedback Report ‘Private Equity: A discussion of Risk and Regulatory Engagement, June 2007).

Clark, I. (2007b) Private Equity, HRM and the British Business System. Report and Evidence submitted to the Treasury Select Committee on Private Equity as part of the GMB union submission, April 2007. Published by the TSC as the ‘GMB Memorandum of Submission’, June 2007.

No author Credit (2007c) House of Commons Treasury Committee, Private Equity, Tenth Report of Session 2006-07 Volume 2 Oral and Written Evidence, House of Commons HC 567-11 August, Stationary Office. Pages 101-106 authored by Ian Clark.

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