Extending Working Lives in the NHS: Opportunities, Challenges and Prospects

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"Extending Working Lives in the NHS: Opportunities, Challenges and Prospects" is research project funded by the ESRC and the MRC. The research is part of a new national research programme into the nature and significance of demographic change for labour markets, work organisations and the health of the nation.

The raising of the NHS occupational pension age to 66 (2020) and 68 years (2028), depending on occupation, is a largescale shock to the NHS employment system and this dynamic setting provides the opportunity to improve our understanding of the implications of an ageing workforce, for working-life longevity, healthy ageing and performance within the NHS and more broadly.

Our iESRCnvestigation will deepen theoretical and empirical knowledge of how an ageing workforce, health and work interact, and thus improve the quality of information available to managers and other stakeholders to better understand how policies might be changed to improve outcomes. It will enable a better assessment of the impact of an ageing workforce on organisational performance, with three distinctive issues under consideration.

Led by Professor Peter Nolan, the research at CSWEF is being conducted together with Hilary Metcalf (National Institute for Economic and Social Research) and Dr. Andrew Weyman (University of Bath).

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