Grants and Funding

The Centre for Sustainable Work and Employment Futures is financially supported by the following organisations:

The Medical Research Council

MRC LogoWorking together with the Economic and Social Research Council, the Medical Research Council is currently funding the Centre's research into extended working lives through their Lifelong Health and Wellbeing programme.

Led by Professor Peter Nolan, research is focused on 'Extending Working Lives in the National Health Service: Opportunities, Challenges and Prospects'.

As the world’s largest publically funded health service, the NHS provides a critical reference point for investigation into how organisations are responding to the challenges of the ageing population following changes in the UK state pension age and the abolition of the mandatory retirement age. Our research primarily focuses on the impact of these changes in relation to reconciling the promotion of the health and wellbeing of staff and the quality and efficiency of service provision.

Further information on 'Extending Working Lives in the National Health Service: Opportunities, Challenges and Prospects' can be found here.


Economic and Social Research CouncilESRC

The ESRC are currently working together with the MRC to co-fund the Lifelong Health and Wellbeing programme. This major cross-council initiative supports research that addresses factors which influence health and wellbeing in older age.

For more information on the LLHW, please see the above section.

Professor Peter Nolan, Director of the Centre, represents the ESRC on the More Years Better Lives Joint Programming Initiative in Europe.


Ethical Trading Initiative

The ETI are currently funding research into investigating working conditions in the UK’s garment supply chain, with a particular focus on Leicester. The project is led by Dr Nikolaus Hammer and includes Professor Peter Nolan, Professor Ian Clark, and Réka Plugor.

Read more about the project here.

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