Upcoming Event: ‘Financialisation' - What does it mean for Work and Employment?

Private Equity at Work Book CoverFinancialisation in Context:

The UK and USA led the way in the 1970s and 1980s in creating the conditions for a new global financial system, but our understanding of the effects upon the world of work and the shifting relationship between work and finance remains limited. There has been much discussion of the growing complexity and instability of financial models, but very little scrutiny of how the financial world affects the real economy. How does financialisation impact on the productivity, prospects and well-being of people at work? Hedge funds, private equity firms, and sovereign wealth funds are at the centre of debates on the imposition of the priorities of financial capitalism on established regimes of managerial capitalism, but are these intermediaries innovators or predators in business and people management strategies? Do they diminish the quality of production and service provision and the productivity and well-being of the workforce?

Financialisation is at the forefront of contemporary economic and political developments, but academic scrutiny of the important shifts and transformations in money markets have only recently been examined for their impacts on jobs, people and communities. The Centre for Sustainable Work and Employment Futures at the University of Leicester has placed finacialisation and its effects on work and employment at the core of its research agenda. Professor Eileen Appelbaum (with Professor Rose Batt) and Professor Ian Clark have charted key developments in the growth of new forms of finance capital and their material effects on peoples' working lives. Their research and the contributions of other leading specialists will provide new insights into the interplay between financial markets and working lives in the twenty-first century.

Professor Ian Clark works at the Centre for Sustainable Work and Employment Futures where Professor Eileen Appelbaum is a visiting professor. The Centre aims to shape and improve work and employment policy analysis and inform practice by bringing together a team of networked researchers to produce systematic theory and a secure evidence base to address existing knowledge gaps.


Join the debate with the Centre for Sustainable Work and Employment Futures.

Date: Thursday 16th October

Venue: College Court, Leicester

The Workshop:

This workshop will address four connected themes.

  • How does financialisation impact on ownership and managerial approaches to corporate governance?
  • Has the rise of financial capitalism separated and disconnected business systems from the management of people in the workplace?
  • What capacities do governments have to shape the development of relations between financial organisations and businesses that produce goods and services?
  • What voice, if any, do the representatives of labour and producers have in these increasingly remote markets?


Chaired by Professor Peter Nolan, the workshop will include the following speakers:

Professor Ian Clark

Professor Eileen Appelbaum

Professor Paul Thompson

Rob Macey, GMB

More details on the event will be added in the upcoming weeks.

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