CPPE Members

MemberResearch Interests
Matt Allen Memory; Affect; Cultural Economy; Media
Ozan Nadir Alakavuklar

Resistance theories; ethics-politics; history of capitalism; alternative forms of organization and management; social movements; academic freedom

Charles Barthold History of philosophy; poststructuralism; phenomenology; political theory; political economy; political and social history; critical management studies; business ethics
Nicholas Beuret Ecology and philosophy; catastrophe and exhaustion; the imaginary; ecocriticism; Marxism; social reproduction
Armin Beverungen Marxism; Political Economy; Financialisation; Commons; Media and Organization
Steve Brown Social Remembering; Actor-Network Theory; Modern Continental Philosophy
Nick Butler Critical Management Studies; the politics of excellence and relevance; the sociology of comedy; the philosophy of humour
Angus Cameron Spatiality; indeterminacy; paradox; boundaries; money; diabolism; folly
Pippa Carter Critical Organisation Theory; Continental Social Theory; Poststructuralism; Knowledge Paradigms
Ishani Chandrasekara Women's Studies; Subaltern Knowledge and Ethno-accounting; Critical Accounting and Finance; Post-colonial Studies
Robert Cluley Psychoanalysis; Silence and speech; Politics of modern advertising; Cults
Stephen Dunne
Social Class; Commodity Fetishism; Political Philosophy; Corporate Social Responsibility; Hobbes
Juan Felipe Espinosa Cristia Science and Technology Studies; Technological Innovation; Actor Network Theory; Economic Sociology; Economic Anthropology
Lewis Goodings
David Harvie Social Movements; Autonomist Marxism; Measure; Value Theory; Finance; Political Economy of Education 
Norman Jackson Critical Organisation Theory; Poststructuralism; Knowledge Paradigms; Anthropogenic Global       Warming; Georges Sorel
Eleni Karamali Borders/Divisions; Jacques Derrida; Etienne Balibar; The Political; Alterity
Ruud Kaulingfreks Aesthetics; Avant-gardes; Consultancy; Heidegger; Philosophical Foundations
Geoff Lightfoot Darwinism; Representation; Economic Narratives; Entrepreneurship
Simon Lilley Human Agency; Tehnology and Performance; Poststructuralism
Ming Lim
Matteo Mandarini Italian Workerism; Marxism; Post-War French and Italian Philosophy and Political Theory; Heidegger
Samuel Mansell Business Ethics and Stakeholder Theory; Political Philosophies of the Market Economy; The History of Political Thought
Bent Meier Sorenson

Keir Milburn

CPPE Director

Social Movement Organisation; Modern Continental Theory; Value Production and Sustainability; Social Reproduction; Collaborative Technologies and Social Media

Dimitris Papadopoulos Technoscience and Politics; Matter; Materialism; Autonomy of Migration; Precarity; Experience and Embodiment
Maria Puig de la Bellacasa Feminist and Gender theory; Science and Technology Studies; Ecological Social Movements; Knowledge Economy
Stevphen Shukaitis Self-organisation; Politics of Imagination; Autonomism; Cultural Labour
Sverre Spoelstra Spinoza; Critique; Gilles Deleuze; Miracles; Hannah Arendt
Mark Stein Leadership; emotions in organisations; systems psychodynamics and the psychoanalytic study of organisations
Konstantin Stoborod Philosophy of science, economics, films, visual consumption, aesthetics
Steve Vallance Precarity; Sociology of Work; Anti-capitalism; Social Movements
Jeroen Veldman Incorporation; Institutional Theory; Neoliberalism; Corporate Governance
Kenneth Weir

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