Contemporary Organization and Policy Forum

The Contemporary Organization and Policy Forum, established in 2015, brings long-standing Leicester history and research together with external stakeholders and activists in order to engage in more systematic policy oriented work and ensure that our work reaches an audience, and makes a difference, outside the walls of the university. As academics, we believe that it’s not enough just to do research and better understand the world, but that we must try to ensure that this work speaks to, learns from and has a positive impact on those organising in alternative ways.

The COPF organizes events which bring academics and activists together and are aimed at stimulating research and policy that:

  • rethinks the relationship between society and the economy
  • works towards a low carbon future
  • encourages the growth of co-operative and worker managed enterprises
  • considers alternative financial structures, such as complementary currencies, mutualism and peer to peer lending.
  • contributes to the development of regulatory frameworks which discourage short term and irresponsible business practices.
  • develops materials for teaching and learning about democratic and sustainable forms of organizing, both at Leicester and elsewhere.
  • provides an advice clinic for selected organizations on the application of management theory and practice.

The COPF functions like a think-tank, with academic and activist researchers working alongside each other to translate their research into a language accessible to social movement activists, third sector organizations, lobbyists, and professional politicians and to focus academic research on issues of wider significance and relevance to these constituencies. The coherence and consistency of the COPF comes from a broadly critical and heterodox approach to management, economic and social organization, combining a critique of orthodox approaches, in both theory and practice, with a commitment to exploring practical pathways to realizing more sustainable and just organizational forms and practices.

Our aim is to consolidate a network with the long-term goal of ensuring that the School's research reaches a wide audience and achieves impact in the policy and organizational arena, as well as ensuring that this research is informed by the concerns and needs of a wide constituency of civil society organisations and movements, see resources. This will be reflected in active attempts to disseminate news about what we are doing through reports, blogs, social media and academic publications.

Please contact one of our Leicester members if you require any further details.

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