Research Units

To reflect particular areas of activity, the School of Business is at the centre of a number of research units and groups.

CAMEo - Research Institute for Cultural and Media Economies

The School is very actively engaged with CAMEoCAMEo is an interdisciplinary institute drawing widely from social sciences, arts and humanities. It offers particular expertise in cultural policy and creative economy, cultural work and employment, cultural production and consumption and mediation, representation and audiences. We are especially interested in how cultural and media economies are described, understood, measured, valued, represented and experienced.

Leads: Professor Mark Banks (Media and Communication) and Dr Doris Eikof (School of Business, Work and Employment Division)

CPPE - Centre for Philosophy and Political Economy

What is the relationship between philosophy and political economy today? Ever since October 2003, the Centre for Philosophy and Political Economy has considered a variety of responses towards this guiding question. These responses have been generated out of a collective and ongoing engagement with areas as diverse as cultural studies, feminism and science and technology studies, psychology and social theory, management and organisation studies, philosophy and political economy, and many other fields besides.

Lead: Dr Keir Milburn (Innovation, Technology and Operations Division)

Innovation and Creativity in Transformational Economies (INCITE)

INCITE is a groundbreaking international, interdisciplinary network working in and researching innovation and creativity in transformational economies.

Members: Dr Marta Gasparin (Co-director), Dr Martin Quinn (Co-director), Claire Driscoll (Work Room Four), Dr Will Green, Professor Mike Saren

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LAIN - Leicester Artificial Intelligence Network

The Leicester Artificial Intelligence Network (LAIN) brings together expertise from diverse fields and as such, is the University of Leicester's first such platform to promote interdisciplinary collaborations pivoting on AI.

Leads: Dr Yujie Chen (Media and Communication), Dr Alistair McEwan (Engineering), Dr Phoebe Moore (School of Business, Management and Organisation Division), Professor Mohammad Reza Mousavi (Informatics)

QSCS – Quantum Social and Cognitive Science

QSCS promotes and develops high level research on the identification of quantum structures in non-physical domains, in particular, in socio-economic and cognitive science. Established in 2014, it is strongly associated with the Accounting and Finance Division with additional representation from Economics.

Lead: Dr Sandro Sozzo (Finance Division)

RASA – Research in Accounting, Society and Accountability

The Research in Accounting, Society, and Accountability (RASA) Unit is an interdisciplinary group of scholars interested in understanding how accounting shapes and is in turn shaped by society. Our research challenges narrower understandings of what accounting is and what it becomes and thus contributes to the further development of accounting practice and theory, including radical alternatives.

Lead: Dr Amanze Ejiogu (Accounting Division)

SWEF - Sustainable Work and Employment Futures

SWEF was established in 2013 and places ULSB at the forefront of analytical and policy research on work and employment futures.

TALPAM - Tourism and Place Marketing

The Tourism and Place Making research unit (TALPAM) at the School of Business, University of Leicester was formed in November 2017.

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