Case Study Two

Service improvement in collaboration with the automotive industry

James FitchettProfessor James Fitchett is applying the underpinning theories developed in his research published in the Journal of Consumer Behaviour, Brand Management and Marketing Management. He is working with Sytner Group, and has been since 2014, to enhance their sales performance, working in collaboration with their Heads of Training and Development, and Head of Business. Sytner Group are the UK’s largest motor dealer by revenue, employing over 7500 people, retailing over 135,000 cars per annum and are developing a growing presence in key European markets including Italy, Germany, and Spain.

This collaboration is going from strength to strength with research now developing new innovations to continually improve services. The research is exploring how video and film based service evidencing techniques can be enhanced so that they become devices of added benefit articulation and customer value rather than simply cost justification devices. In order to evaluate these issues, a research programme involving a multi-site qualitative research design is being conducted in collaboration with Sytner UK to evaluate, assess and test insights from a range of different stakeholders and involved with the development and implementation of radical service technologies.

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