Case Study Three

Improving performance on complex workplace tasks in healthcare

EPIFFany ProjectBuilding on his background in Human Factors, Dr William Green has been collaborating with Dr Rakesh Patel, a medical educator and renal consultant based at the University of Nottingham, to develop EPIFFANY, an innovative programme aimed at designing out human error in complex work-based systems. Most notably behaviours associated with prescribing. This intervention has evolved since initial collaborations in 2012 with funding and support from Health Education England, the Academic Health and Science Network and through a Joint Working Agreement with Pfizer Ltd. Total funding now exceeds £300,000.

The outcomes of the intervention evaluation find that it has a significant effect, improving the performance and well being of healthcare practitioners. As a result, the intervention is being assessed for efficacy nationally and internationally and the team are now working across two NHS Trusts in England to evaluate the design of the toolkit aimed at supporting the adoption of the intervention more widely, with a further two NHS Trusts in the coming 18 months.

The project has been shortlisted for a number of national awards, and won the East Midlands Academic Health Science Network Award in the Innovation category in 2015 and the Health Education England’s Chair’s Award for Innovation for 2015. This is a significant award meaning Health Education England seeks to scale and spread the intervention nationally.

The project and intervention has also been recognised as an exemplary example of Innovative practice in the NHS in the report published by the Centre for Health Policy at Imperial College London, acting as an academic partner to Health Education England and the Commission on Education and Training for Patient Safety (Yu et al, 2016). As a result of this, the project is cited by Professor Sir Norman William’s (Chair Commission on Education and Training for Patient Safety) report on Improving Safety Through Education and Training (HEE, 2016) by the Commission on Education and Training for Patient Safety as exemplary innovation.

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