Case Study Six

Reducing domestic violence incidents

In 2014, Dr Jesse Matheson and Dr Martin Foureaux Koppensteiner conducted the largest and most comprehensive randomized controlled trial in domestic violence research to date to establish the efficacy of Project 360.Project 360 was conducted in collaboration between Leicestershire police, Leicestershire County Council, Leicester City Council and Rutland County Council and funded by the Ministry of Justice and Leicestershire PCC.

Project 360 targets households that experience repeated instances of domestic violence. It has been purposely designed to be relatively simple and inexpensive, ensuring that police forces and local authorities can easily adopt it. The evaluation have established that the intervention provides substantial benefits for victims, including a reduction in future domestic incidents linked to the same perpetrator and improvements in subjective wellbeing. The intervention also improves ratings of police satisfaction related to handling of the case by police. You can read a policy report here.

This project has been discussed nationally and internationally with, for example, the College of Policing, the Minister of Policing (Rt. Hon. Mike Penning), at a session on Evidence Based Policing Organised by Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology and representatives from Western Australia’s Police Force. Recently Drs Matheson and Koppensteiner brought together representatives from the 46 UK police forces to disseminate findings and support wider adoption.

For further information please contact Dr Jesse Matheson and Dr Martin Foureaux Koppensteiner

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