Impact and Engagement

We conduct critically important research in the fields of business, economics and management, and actively develop and pursue opportunities for our research to impact on society beyond academia.

The range of groups and audiences who benefit from our research outside of academia is huge and continually growing. Notable primary audiences includes: regional, national and international small and medium sized enterprises, see Innovation Hub and links with the Small Business Charter; public sector and state organisations; non-governmental organisations; third sector and social enterprise organisations; trade unions and professional associations; journalists; and the general public via our regular blog and media coverage. We have recently developed collaborations with some corporate organisations in specific areas like finance and healthcare. A number of examples are described in the following links.

Case Study One

Case Study Two

Case Study Three

Case Study Four

Case Study Five

Case Study Six

Case Study Seven

Establish how sub-national institutions can increase engagement with their population

Dr Martin Quinn (Management and Organisation Division)

Case Study Eight


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