Work and Employment

Research in the School of Business' Work and Employment Division is based on a broad understanding of labour, work, employment and regulation drawing on the traditions of sociology of work, work psychology, industrial relations and political economy.

It encompasses research across people’s working lives, including studies of youth unemployment and employment at the start of people’s careers to transitions amongst older workers from paid work into retirement. Our research includes analysis at the organisational level such as HRM strategies and practices, corporate governance and corporate social responsibility and individual level including non-standard and voluntary workers. The employment relations research includes attention to key actors, such as trade unions, employer associations, the state and supranational institutions, such as the EU.

Themes of interest to particular members of the group include: comparative research, financialisation, global value chains, gender, corporate social responsibility, labour standards, outsourcing, precarious work, trade union renewal, workers’ transitions in and out of the labour market, and many other areas. We study workplaces and the experience of work for many occupations, including - but in no way limited to - health professionals, creative employees and customer service workers. Details about the particular interests of individual group members and the projects they have been involved in can be found on their webpages.

Division Head

Dr Katharine Venter

Division Members

Paul Brook Dr Doris Eikhof Professor Peter Nolan Dr Jenna Ward
Feim Blakcori Professor Anne-Marie Greene Dr Reka Plugor Dr Glynne Williams
Dr Heather Connolly Dr Nikolaus Hammer Deborah Price Professor Stephen Wood
Paul Conville Dr Benjamin Hopkins Eimer Sparham
Professor Michaela Driver Dr Marti Lopez-Andreu Dr Beth Suttill

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