The Marketing Division at the University of Leicester School of Business is an internationally-renowned leader in interdisciplinary marketing research. We contend that engagement with social and critical theory is necessary for producing truly valuable knowledge of marketing and consumption phenomena.

Here, we have found it particularly productive to draw on concepts from sociology, cultural studies, media studies, anthropology, gender studies, geographic area concentrations, politics, history, political economy, and philosophy. These subject area competencies are advanced by our extensive collective expertise in interview, oral history, ethnographic, hermeneutic, media studies, psychoanalytic, and conceptual methods, as well as in traditional quantitative market research.

In practice, our interdisciplinary approach has yielded some of the most theoretically-sound work in the field, and has built knowledge relevant to marketing managers, citizens, workers, the third sector, government and society. This focus on relevance has resulted in significant opportunities for enterprise and grant capture. Members of the group have been awarded Knowledge Transfer Partnerships; EU Innovation funding; grants from the AHRC, ESRC, ERDF, SAMS and Defra; as well as funds from a large number of smaller agencies and enterprise partnerships.

Our division includes experts in critical marketing, relationship marketing, social marketing, sustainability marketing, and non-profit marketing, as well as marketing theory, strategy, management, consumer culture and the sociology of consumption. Staff members are currently engaged in projects on marketer and consumer issues related to sustainability, fashion, tourism, disability, family, art, food and drink, policy, music, healthcare, performance, personal relationships, sexuality, identity, technology, fitness, media, branding, politics, natural resources, luxuries, and ethics.

This vision is furthered by our embrace of research-led teaching; ultimately, we believe that our remarkable research track record greatly enhances the student experience. In particular, we have major initiatives to integrate our expertise on fashion, cultural industries, sustainability, place branding, international marketing, marketing theory, consumer culture, research methods, and contemporary social theory into our teaching. We believe that an interactive, research-led approach provides students with the best educational experience, as it results in a well-rounded academic and practical understanding of marketing phenomena.


Our distinctive, evidence-based approach to the subject is field-defining. Examples of our work include the production of Marketing: A Critical Textbook, a definitive text within the fields of critical marketing and British marketing research. Further evidence of our pioneering status can be found in the research and leadership outputs of our members. Staff members serve as editorial staff, authors, and trusted reviewers for leading publications such as Marketing Theory; the Journal of Marketing Management; the Journal of Macromarketing; Consumption, Markets, and Culture; the Journal of Business Ethics; Journal of Retailing; the Journal of Advertising Research; the Journal of Consumer Research; European Journal of Marketing; the Journal of Consumer Culture; the Journal of Consumer Behaviour; Journal of Business Research; Industrial Marketing Management; Psychology and Marketing; International Marketing Review; the Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing; the Journal of Management Studies; the Journal of Product and Brand Marketing; Business Strategy and the Environment; British Journal of Management; Service Industries Journal; Environment and Planning A; Environment and Planning D; the Annals of Tourism Research; and ephemera. Put simply, we produce high quality outputs and also foster the development of publication venues for most rigorous research on the subject.

Division Head

Division Members

Dr Precious Akponah

Professor Paul Baines

Dr Zafeirenia Brokalaki

Dr Shelly Chapman

Dr Jennifer Cole-Wright

Dr Wei-Fen Chen

Dr William Darler

Professor James Devlin

Dr AJ Earley

Christina Fona

Dr Cristina Galalae

Hela Hassen

Dr Matthew Higgins

Dr Mihalis Kavatratzis

Dr Ai-Ling Lai

Dr Winnie Onyas

Dr George Patsiaouras

Professor Mike Saren

Dr Christiana Tsaousi

Dr Sophie Whitehouse

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